Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
5 Dream Dog Destinations in Ontario Parks

In today’s post, the Ontario Barks committee chair dog shows us his favorite parks to take a WALK.

Nothing makes my tail wag faster than watching my humans pack for an adventure in the park!

I know that’s true for you, my furry friends, too.

But with 340 provincial parks, how can we let our humans know which one deserves a great round of kicking from the Ontario Barking Committee?

With this top five list, of course. Show this to your human to make your next WALK extra special!

#1: Ferris Provincial Park

Yes, it is very real. We can officially add Ferris Provincial Park to the list of parks with designated dog areas at Ontario Parks!

With a new fence and no leash. pet exercise area In Campbellford, humans have more opportunities to enjoy this provincial park with their beloved pets.

dog inside fenced dog area

Humans can also use Ferris as a base camp to explore Northumberland County! In the normal summer months, Campbellford hosts several festivals, including the Incredible Edibles Festival or the Campbellford Seymour Fair.

What a luxury!

To celebrate this new dog-friendly spot, don’t forget to pick up a limited-edition dog bandana!

Dogs with blue bandanasYou look good, fellow doggos!

A limited quantity is available for purchase in our online store and at Ferris Provincial Park.

#2: Restoule Provincial Park

Do your humans love to row, bike and walk? Tell them to take you to Restoule Provincial Park!

This park offers a little bit of everything: from landscapes hiking and mountain biking trails to quiet paddling trails (yyI mean, backcountry canoeing with pups is totally doable here.)

My humans love the countless options for adveNature in Restoule!

Stormy Lake Overlook at Restoule Provincial Park

Me? I like to kick my paws back dog beach. Located at Bell’s Point Boat Launch, this area offers a nice little beach where I can enjoy the cool waters of Lake Restoule.

Oh, there is also a pet exercise area Here, if the beautiful views leave you amazed and make you zoom (it happens to all of us). *drools*.

Dog in Restoule Provincial Park

Sometimes they drag me on a walk.

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I can’t complain, the views of this park are magnificent and my humans say I’m their “best hiking buddy to ever grace their paws on this planet.”

It’s not hard to earn that title, my furry friends. All you need to do is stay on leash (unless you are in an off-leash area). If you remain tied, that means:

  • Your human will know where you decide to leave him a bunch of presents (I don’t know why they keep calling him smelly poop)
  • you can’t go barking up the wrong tree (our curiosity and prey drive can sometimes get the better of us… I already tried to blame the squirrels for this)
  • will reduce the risk of wandering into a protected or sensitive area (do not trample, disturb the soil or dig up trees and other plants)

Remember to practice your best etiquette and you too can rise through the ranks at Ontario Barks.

#3: Pancake Bay Provincial Park

When my humans are having a bad day, they take me to sunbathe on the longest beach on Lake Superior.

Of course, we’re talking about Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

A person with a dog walking towards the lake in Pancake Bay Provincial Park

A round of applause for my four-legged friends: they don’t serve pancakes in this park. But there are 3.5 kilometers of fine, almost white sand beach that borders the bay.

At the west end there is a dog beach. On a sunny day, the turquoise waters make it look almost like a tropical dog beach! There’s nothing better than cooling off in the lake with a dog paddle on a hot summer day.

Dog playing with a ball in the lake at Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Playing in Ontario parks is a breeze when the lake is right there!

Additionally, my humans said that Lake Superior Magazine’s “reader poll” has repeatedly named Pancake Bay as one of the best beaches on both sides of the US-Canada border.

Do you think I was voted best beach because everyone has seen me frolicking in the designated off-leash spot? pet exercise area?

I’ve probably given him superstar status. I can see it now: “A beautiful local dog adorns the pet exercise area of ​​Pancake Bay Provincial Park.” Yes, I pay attention to the paws, that’s why he was voted the best.

Anyway, you should definitely add Pancake Bay Provincial Park to your bucket list – it’s a favorite with the Ontario Barks committee.

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#4: Selkirk Provincial Park

Have you seen the views of Selkirk Provincial Park? Truly wonderful skin.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a Selkirk sunset with your human. I can’t see all the colors of the sunset, but I can see the smile on my human’s face!

Purple and orange sunset over the lake in Selkirk Provincial Park

In addition to the excellent photo opportunities, there is a pet exercise area and dog beach in this provincial park too!

Dog in the water in Selkirk Provincial Park

If your human is one of those “bird nerds,” tell them that Selkirk offers bird-watching opportunities along the Wheeler’s Walk Trail. This means that you will be able to smell everything and anything.following the path, see wildlife from a distance and release some energy while your human looks for theThose feathery things.

Don’t forget to clean your paws after the walk! We are especially susceptible to contributing to the spread of invasive species. Insects or seeds from invasive plants can easily stick to our fur or paws and ultimately spread to new areas.

#5: Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Looking for a great park to enjoy the pleasure of hiking? Add Rainbow Falls Provincial Park to the list!

Tackle the Rainbow Falls trail, which takes you through a series of stairs and platforms to a sturdy bridge over the falls.

Person walking dog on leash through Rainbow Falls Trail in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Oh, and there are trees everywhere!

But remember, there is never a reason to decorate these beautiful trees with poop from my fellow puppies. tHanging bags are trash (not gifts), regardless of your human’s intentions. Don’t leave him hanging or I will not only be embarrassed but extremely angry!

And no, you can’t leave it on the ground and “let nature take care of it” either. I know raccoons, coyotes, and moose get away with it, but not all poop is created equal. He be a responsible pet owner and bend down and pick up.

Person with leashed dog watching a faint sunset on a cloud

If your human isn’t up for a hike, tell him to bring a chair to relax, sunbathe, and read a good book at the water’s edge.

With a pet exercise area and dog beachThere’s plenty to do here while your humans relax!

Well, you have inside information.

Now get out there and tell your human you need a serious WALK at one of these stray dog ​​destinations!

Dog on leash on the beach

Don’t forget to pack your beach bag with snacks, water, and extra toys.

Good for now,

President of the Ontario Barking Committee