Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
5 reasons to take a midweek vacation

Long lines, crying kids, and “normal” photos can get in the way of your camping style.

Find space, serenity and more by avoiding the weekend crowds:

1. Your own personal beach (sort of)

Have fun in the sun without anyone else blocking your light!

Finding a good place to place your umbrella can be difficult on a crowded beach.

empty beach

The beach is much less crowded during weekdays. The lines for rentals, ice cream, museums, and other fun activities are much shorter, too!

And yes: depending on the park, you may have the beach to yourself.

2. Chat with staff

Have you ever wanted to ask a naturalist about those mysterious footprints your aunt’s cousin’s brother saw twice? It’s hard to say a word on a busy weekend.

Park staff with visitors.

It’s no secret that some of our events and programs draw BIG crowds over the weekend. Weekday Discovery events have a more intimate atmosphere.

3. Get the place of your dreams

It seems like every year there’s a race to get the perfect spot during the summer weekends, but your old favorite stays empty during the week! Take a few days off and book the campsite that you like the most. In fact want.

private campsite

Do you want a yurt or a cabin? We have many vacancies during the week, many even during the peak summer months.

If you’re still having trouble getting into your favorite park, try another one nearby!

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4. Are you looking for serenity?

It’s as simple as this: weekdays are quieter.

couple in front of the campfire

With fewer people in the park during the week, you’ll have more opportunities for relaxing moments with your group. Less noise = less stress.

5. Definitive Insta-worthy moments

We all want an awesome photo of the Crack, Big Bend or Booth’s Rock. Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Great Bend Viewpoint

Less weekday foot traffic means more opportunities for you to take an awesome photo (which we’re sure you’ll tell your grandkids about).

Want a few more tips for taking the perfect nature photo? Take a crash course with nature photography 101.

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