Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
5 reasons to visit Earl Rowe Provincial Park

With hundreds of parks in Ontario, it’s easy to overlook one that’s right next door.

But you don’t have to drive far to enjoy great camping options!

Here are five reasons why you should consider Earl Rowe Provincial Park when planning your next (or first!) camping adventure.

1. We are just a short drive away!

Earl Rowe is located on the doorstep of Toronto, just 85 km northwest.

Family preparing food at the camp.

With large private campsites and plenty to do, Earl Rowe is a great choice for a quick getaway into the wild.

If you’re bringing young kids or trying out new camping gear, Earl Rowe is the perfect choice! The town of Alliston is nearby in case you have forgotten any important items.

You can find photos and prices of the campsite on our reservation website.

2. Endless hiking opportunities

Earl Rowe has a fantastic trail system, with options for short hikes and longer half-day hikes.

Trail sign with trail in background.

Much of the trail system is multi-use and connects to the park store, Resource Center, fish ladder or your favorite fishing spot.

If 11km of trails within the park aren’t enough for you, Earl Rowe is the perfect place to set up a base camp to explore the surrounding area. Forks of the Credit and Mono Cliffs Provincial Parks are located nearby.

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There are also many other parks and trails nearby, including access points to the Bruce Trail.

3. Don’t miss the fish!

Every year, visitors come to Earl Rowe to witness salmon and steelhead migrate upstream to spawn.

View of the river with trees.

Trout and salmon return to the river in which they were born to give the next generation the best start in life. The land and waters that now lie within Earl Rowe have seen countless generations born, depart for a life on the Great Lakes, and finally return.

The fish ladder allows the fish to avoid the park dam and complete their journey.

Trout spawn in early spring, usually in March or April, while salmon spawning season is in the fall. Both migrations are highly dependent on temperature.

Keep an eye on the park’s social media pages for migration updates: Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.

4. Education and workshops

Whether you’re new to camping, want to try fishing for the first time, or want a guide to help your kids discover the natural world, Earl Rowe has something for you!

Staff standing behind a table with a screen.

Discovery Programs: Our staff love to share the stories of Earl Rowe and the wildlife that call the park home. These drop-in sessions are perfect for families with young children. Program times are posted throughout the park.

Learn to camp: Our park ambassadors are here to help you improve your camping skills. Book a 30-minute workshop directly at your camp or join a group session. You can choose the camping skill you would like to learn.

The staff shows the camper how to use the stove.

Learn to fish: We provide equipment, a one-day fishing license and expert instructors. Simply show up for a free session and we’ll take care of the rest! Learn to cast, use the equipment and identify the fish in our park.

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Do you already know how to fish and you only need a rod and a tackle? Go to the Resource Center to borrow equipment for free.

All sessions and workshops are offered in July and August and are included in the daily camping or vehicle permit fee.

5. Escape to the great outdoors all year round

Earl Rowe is open for camping from mid-May to mid-October, but the park is open year-round for day use.

Viewpoint over the view of the trees in autumn.

Pack your hiking boots, cross-country skis, and/or snowshoes, depending on conditions!

Once the temperature drops, check our Snow Report for current snow depth.

Go Earl Rowe!

Earl Rowe has lovely trails, perfect picnic spots, lake views, and campgrounds with everything you need.

Family toasting marshmallows on the fire.

Choose from large electric and non-electric campgrounds, with nearby amenities like comfort stations with bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

Don’t miss the canoe and rowboat rentals!

Be sure to check our Alerts page and our social media accounts (TwitterFacebook) for up-to-date information on park operations.

Book your trip today!