Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
Low perspective image from rocky beach looking out over water at sunset. The sky is soft orange, purple and blue, with colourful clouds across the sky.

If you’re looking for a quiet campground with private sites and a relaxing atmosphere, put Selkirk Provincial Park on your bucket list.

Just 15 minutes east of Port Dover, Selkirk is ideal for families with young children, RV owners, and anyone who enjoys the quiet side of life. The park offers sun, space and plenty to do.

1. Fantastic campsites

Selkirk campsites offer excellent camping comfort. Some sites are surrounded by huge walnut and Shagbark oak trees, providing shade and a beautiful setting. Others are spacious sites with electrical hookups. All camping areas are quiet and have green areas.

An empty campsite with a campfire and surrounded by tall trees.

There are often campsites available mid-week, even in July and August. This year, Selkirk will be open for camping and day use until October 10, so there are plenty of opportunities to sleep under the stars.

2. Child-friendly environment

Selkirk is the perfect size to give kids a little more freedom. The roads are quiet enough to explore by bike and the large day use area is just a short walk from the campsites.

A path that runs through a green and lush forest.  To the left is a blue trail marker on a post.

There is a 1.5 km hiking trail that offers nature lovers of all ages the opportunity to explore the forest and a small swampy wetland.

3. Space to play

Selkirk’s spacious day-use area can accommodate large family gatherings. You’ll find benches, picnic tables, play equipment, and a volleyball court, all with a beautiful lake view.

A green space that features a beach volleyball court, children's play structures and a picnic table.  The area is surrounded by tall trees.

There are several beach areas, including a dog beach. The coast is rocky, so water shoes are recommended, but the lake bottom becomes sandy several meters from the shore. The stones have their advantages too – it’s a great place to look for fossils, but be sure to leave your finds for future visitors to enjoy.

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The beaches are a great setting to enjoy spectacular sunsets!

Low perspective image from a rocky beach overlooking the water at sunset.  The sky is soft orange, purple and blue, with colorful clouds in the sky.

4. Try rowing

The park’s wetlands are ideal for beginning paddlers. A popular day trip takes canoeists and kayakers through the swampy area along Spring Creek to the lake at the mouth of Sandusk Creek. Paddlers can also continue up Sandusk Creek, beyond the park boundaries, for a longer trip.

A person sitting in a blue kayak in the water.  They wear a royal blue personal flotation device and hold an oar with both hands, with one side of the oar submerged in the water.  They are smiling and looking into the distance off camera.

The park has several kayaks available for rent, including PFDs and safety equipment. If you’ve never kayaked before, Selkirk is the perfect place to give it a try.

5. Comfortable reservation

This year, we’re making it even easier for you to spend the day in Selkirk. You can now purchase your daily vehicle permit up to five days in advance to guarantee access to the park. Learn all about advanced permits for daily use vehicles here!

The night sky with a dark tree on the left and thousands of stars in the violet sky.

We look forward to welcoming you to Selkirk this summer!

Reserve your campsite or day use site today!