Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
5 reasons why you need to visit Neys Provincial Park

Located on the north shore of Lake Superior, Neys Provincial Park offers visitors beautiful hiking trails, quiet campgrounds, a sandy beach, and rich history waiting to be explored.

Here are five park features you won’t want to miss:

1. Scenic beauty

Neys is famous for its natural beauty and the artists it inspired.

You’ll be greeted by a rugged coastline dotted with a mix of sand and pebble beaches and exposed coastal rocks.

Aerial shot of the Neys coast

Rolling hills surround the park, evergreen thanks to the boreal forests that inhabit it.

The panoramic views of Neys were a popular subject for the Group of Seven’s artwork. The park contains the stunning view of Pic Island made famous by Lawren Harris in 1924.

2. The story

Neys pic island group of 7

Did you know that 2020 marked the centenary of the founding of the Group of Seven? Visitors can explore his legacy by reading the park’s Algoma Moments interpretive signs and touring the Visitor Center exhibit.

Hopefully, the landscapes that inspired them will also inspire your creativity.

A model of the Neys prisoner of war camp.

But the story doesn’t end there: during World War II, the area that is now a park was the location of Neys Prisoner of War Camp 100.

Although the camp buildings were demolished in 1953, much of the history remains. Today, campers can stop by the Visitor Center to see exhibits and a miniature model of the camp.

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3. The trails

There is no better way to celebrate the artistic legacy of the Group of Seven than by walking the trails of Neys and seeing for yourself the views they painted.

We especially recommend the Pic Island Overlook Trail, which will take you to the aforementioned view of Pic Island. It’s a steep 4.5km linear trail (9km round trip) that follows an old dirt road to a beautiful overlook where you can rest, have lunch, or create art.

Rocky shorelien with driftwood along Lake Superior

Another trail that you can’t miss is the Sendero Bajo el Volcán (up to 7 km round trip). Choose your own adventure along Lake Superior’s rocky shoreline and explore the unique glacial geology and volcanic history of this trail.

4. The beach

Neys is home to one of the best stretches of sand on the north shore of Lake Superior. The 2 km beach offers a gentle slope to the cool waters of Superior.

A cup of tea on Neys beach

Lake Superior waves can be big. Be sure to plan to spend some time on the beach watching the waves and enjoying the spectacular sunsets.

Scattered driftwood on the beach of Neys Provincial Park.

Surfing is becoming more popular in the park, especially in the fall when the waves tend to be larger. Make sure you come prepared. The waters of Lake Superior are cold!

5. Lake Superior Fishing

You’ll find rainbow trout, lake trout, brook trout, whitefish, and salmon in the waters of Lake Superior.

Brook trout fishing is especially popular in the park. These fish love large rocks and submerged reefs, where they hide and ambush their prey when they swim.

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Some of the best lures for fishing for brook trout include jig flies, spoons, and spinners. A single hook puts less pressure on the fish when you catch them and ensures they have a better chance of surviving once released.

Please note that you can only keep one brook trout over 22 inches in length with a sport fishing license, and you cannot keep any brook trout with a conservation fishing license.

Book your stay in Neys

Neys Provincial Park is very busy this summer. Be sure to check our reservations page for availability or consider a visit in the fall.

Neys offers a campground with amenities for tent and RV campers, including a comfort station.

sunlit beach hut

To try something different, consider booking the popular Neys Trapp cabin, with best availability in spring and autumn.

Neys Provincial Park awaits you. Visit our online booking service to book now.

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