Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
6 things you should know about your seasonal permit

Is there only one type of seasonal permit?

Do seasonal permits guarantee entry?

Is there a way to test a seasonal permit before purchasing it?

Read on for six key facts about Ontario parks’ seasonal permits:

1. They save you money

That’s its sole purpose: to make park visits more affordable for hikers.

For example, if day use at your local park costs $21, an annual permit pays for itself after just five visits.

Knowing how important local green spaces are and how many of our visitors like to come to the parks regularly, we wanted to offer an affordable option.

2. Seasonal permits do not guarantee access to a park

We’ll say it again: seasonal permits They do not guarantee access to a park.

If a provincial park reaches capacity, additional vehicles, including seasonal permit holders, will not be permitted to enter.

red graphic with a crossed-out sun that says: Day use at capacityWondering if a park is full? Check their social media accounts for updates.

(Visiting one of our busiest parks? See Tip #5 to see if you can use your permit to reserve a guaranteed spot in advance.)

3. There are 4 different seasonal permits available

Visit parks in all seasons? Annual day-use permits ($99) will allow you to explore parks for an entire year (January 1 to December 31).

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Do you prefer to explore parks during the warmer months? Summer day use permits ($75) They are valid from April 1 to November 30.

Do you love being outdoors when it snows? Explore parks in winter with our winter day use permit ($60)valid from December 1 to March 31.

Are you a business located near a provincial park? Pick up a commercial day use permit ($225) to lend and share with your visitors!

Permits are available for purchase at most operational parks or online through our online booking site.

4. Purchasing a permit helps support the parks you love

Many visitors don’t realize that only a small portion of Ontario Parks’ budget comes from provincial taxes.

family looking at the lake

Money spent on seasonal permits helps fund the maintenance, management and protection of parks.

Your support ensures that the parks will be available to enjoy for years to come.

5. Use your seasonal permit to reserve your spot in advance

You can now reserve your daily vehicle permit at select participating parks.

Reservations can be made online up to five days before your visit.

person using permission

If you have a seasonal permit, these are two things you should know:

  • You should still book in advance even if you have a seasonal permit (remember tip number 2: a seasonal permit alone does not guarantee your spot!)
  • Your seasonal permit makes your early reservation free
  • When making your reservation, you can enter your permit serial number, which will adjust your fee to $0.

    This video shows exactly how to do it:

    Remember to bring your reservation (printed or on your device) and your seasonal park permit.

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    6. “Check Out” Our Permit Loan Program!

    Still not sure about purchasing a seasonal permit?

    No problem!

    family taking selfie

    Seasonal permits are now available to borrow at participating libraries across the province.

    This means you can go to the library and then head to your favorite provincial park for the day!

    6. They are as good as gold

    Okay, maybe not. literal gold, but treat your permit like you would a gift card or cash.

    Ready to get out and explore?