Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
View of the inside of the visitor center at Pinery.

Today’s blog comes from Nicole Benn and Annalize Twomey, Senior Park Interpreters at Pinery Provincial Park.

Cicadas sing, monarchs migrate, and students and teachers prepare!

Back-to-school season is here, but going back to school doesn’t mean exploring Ontario’s parks is over. We can still make memories in our parks by learning with students of all ages at Pinery Provincial Park.

The students bent down to identify flowers.Students use a field guide to identify blooming wildflowers.

We, Nicole and Annalize, are Senior Park Interpreters at the Discovery Program at Pinery. We explore unique, biodiverse ecosystems with students every day and host experiential and inquiry-based programs where students learn science, geography, arts, and more.

Student holding a painted palette.Pinery child participating in the art program.

Teachers, parents, and students: we would love to see you at our park, in your classroom, or online through our web conferencing platform!

Available programs

We offer programming using our “Eco-immersion” model, where teachers can book one or all of the following types of programs.

Pine Exploration: Join us in the park for an authentic, dynamic, place-based program. This can be a guided walk, a park management activity, staying active, or exploring a topic of your choice with a park interpreter!

View of the interior of the Pinery visitor center.

Naturalist in the classroom: We can visit your classroom to share our knowledge about the park’s ecosystems, species, and phenomena using artifacts, stories, videos, and more! We can even prepare or reflect on your visit to the park.

Nature goes digital: No matter how far away you are, we want to connect with you online. Classes can get an up-close look at the park and discuss a wide range of topics with park staff, all from the comfort of the classroom. We can even connect remotely with park staff in the field to visit the park’s ecosystems!

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Riverside staff member holding a snapping turtle.Discovery group leader Megan holding a snapping turtle on the Riverside Trail

This back to school season, give students the opportunity to connect with nature and have a unique learning experience.

Students will activate all five senses, learn about the natural world, and see their grade-based curriculum come to life. We would love to share the stunning and dynamic landscape of Ontario with you and your class.

We are just an email away!

Connect with us

A Pinery interpreter is waiting to connect with you to organize a unique experience for your class.

More information about Pinery’s outdoor education program can be found here or email us to start your journey.

Keep in mind: Park programs are currently free. Entering the park has associated costs that include a daily vehicle permit ($62.50 per school bus) and facility or equipment rental, if desired.

Connect with other parks offering Discovery school programs

Discovery Rangers are available in numerous locations across the province to deliver school programs in our parks, in your classroom or schoolyard, and via video conferencing.

Designed to enrich and expand Ontario’s K-12 science and social studies curricula, our school programs provide first-hand experiences that promote inquiry, problem solving, active learning and responsible citizenship by connecting students directly with the natural and cultural heritage of Ontario.

To request information about Discovery School programs available in your community, please email us.