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Camping Vacancy Highlights: August 23-25

We are in the last weeks of summer! Make the most of it and take an impromptu camping weekend getaway.

We have a few electric campgrounds left in southeastern Ontario and many in the north. Where will you stay?

Find your ideal campsite in our Campsite navigation/Booking tool (including photos of most campsites!), or check out these featured campsites (available starting at noon on August 22, 2019):

Northeastern Ontario

Esker Lakes Provincial Park

View of site 2.Site 2, Sunny Point Campground. Tent or RV up to 32 feet *electric*

Esker Lakes has a collection of picturesque lakes, separated by short, fairly level portages and no motor boats. This makes the park ideal for canoeing.

Or explore the Lonesome Bog Trail and hike through a variety of habitats in boreal forest ecosystems and former glacial landscapes.

Esker Lakes is just over 4 hours from North Bay and 2 hours from Timmins.

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

View of site 101.Site 101, The Island Campground. Tent or RV up to 32 feet *electric*

Kettle Lakes is part of the large expanse of boreal forest that covers northern Ontario and offers excellent opportunities for hiking, bird watching and fishing.

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The park has 14 km of bike trails that wind through the forest and take you to Slab Lake, where you can swim before continuing your journey.

Kettle Lakes is 4 hours north of Sudbury.

Northwestern Ontario

Blue Lake Provincial Park

View of site 77.Site 77, a campsite. Tent or RV up to 32 feet

Renowned for its crystal clear waters and long sandy beach, Blue Lake is an exceptional destination for all types of water activities.

Take a canoe or spend the afternoon fishing for walleye, muskies, pike, lake trout, and largemouth bass.

Blue Lake is 3.5 hours from Winnipeg and 4.5 hours from Thunder Bay.

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

View of site 63.Site 63, Camp Whispering Hills. Tent or RV up to 32 feet *electric*

At 40m high, Kakabeka Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Ontario and is accessible year-round. The park offers great views of the falls and gorge from the boardwalk surrounding the top of the falls.

Kakabeka Falls is 30 minutes from Thunder Bay.

Near the north

Fairbank Provincial Park

View of site 114.Site 114, Fairbank Camp. tent

Spring-fed Lake Fairbank is a great place to spend a relaxing weekend. The crystal-clear waters attract visitors from all over the region to snorkel and swim on the buoyed sandy beach.

Fairbank is 1 hour from Sudbury and 2 hours from North Bay.

Marten River Provincial Park

View of site 57.Site 57, Camping Chicot A. Tent or RV up to 18 feet *Oceanfront*

The Marten River is the southern gateway to the Temagami area and is the perfect base for canoeists, boaters and fishermen. The River Marten itself offers many opportunities to explore, with numerous bays and long stretches of coastline.

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Marten River is 45 minutes from North Bay and 1.5 hours from Sudbury.

Southeastern Ontario

Fitzroy Provincial Park

View of site 24.Site 24, Camp Pinegrove. Tent or RV up to 18 feet *electric*

Located at the junction of the meandering Carp River and the mighty Ottawa River, Fitzroy offers excellent family camping with plenty of swimming and hiking options nearby. The park is an ideal base for exploring the Ottawa Valley and the country’s capital.

Fitzroy is 50 minutes from Ottawa and just over 2 hours from Kingston.

Murphy’s Point Provincial Park

View of site 66Site 66, Hogg Bay Camp. Tent or RV up to 32 feet *electric*

Located on Big Rideau Lake (part of the historic Rideau Waterway), Murphys Point offers great opportunities for paddlers and boaters.

Stay on land? Explore wildflowers and archaeological sites on the park’s hiking trails.

Murphys Point is just over an hour from Kingston and Ottawa.

southwestern ontario

Earl Rowe Provincial Park

View of campsite 64.Site 64, Rabbit Loop and Blue Heron Campground. tent

Enjoy daily programming from Discovery and free lessons from Learn to Fish. Spend the day swimming or explore the park’s hiking trails, including the paved Fletcher’s Mill Pond Trail.

Earl Rowe is only 1.5 hours from Toronto or 45 minutes from Barrie.

Wheatley Provincial Park

View of site 31. Site 31, Boosey Creek Campground. tent

Wheatley Campgrounds are situated among a tangle of streams in a beautiful Carolina wooded forest (at the same latitude as Northern California!)

Walks in the park pass through a mature forest of oak, walnut, tulip, sassafras, chestnut, and black gum trees.

Wheatley is 1 hour from Detroit, Windsor and London.

Find a campsite near you with our online campsite search tool and spend this weekend in nature!