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Camping Vacancy Highlights: August 3-6

Make the most of this upcoming August long weekend by spending it outdoors.

For those of you participating in the Ontario Parks 30×30 Challenge, regular camping trips will help you spend time in nature this month. Go forest bathing, go paddling (many of our parks rent boats), or just hang out on the beach.

Southern Ontario is pretty crowded, but if you’re willing to head north, we have tent sites, RV/trailer sites AND electric sites that are currently open. Check out our featured campsites below (available from 12:00 p.m. on August 1, 2018):

Northeastern Ontario

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

Large campsite with mature conifersSite 6, The Pines Campground. Tent or RV up to 18′ (electric)

Kettle Lakes is part of the large expanse of boreal forest that covers northern Ontario and offers excellent opportunities for hiking, bird watching and fishing. This park has 14 km of bike trails that wind through the forest and take you to Slab Lake, where you can swim before continuing your journey.

Kettle Lakes long weekend programs include a musical bonfire and a Métis Discovery Day!

Kettle Lakes is 4 hours north of Sudbury.

Nagagamisis Provincial Park

Lawn plot surrounded by deciduous treesSite 5, Bedwash Campground A. Tent or RV up to 32′

Camp by the lake or use the park as a launching point for challenging canoe routes on the Nagagami and Shekak Rivers. Anglers return year after year to this large secluded lake north of Hornepayne, attracted by the excellent fishing for walleye, pike and yellow perch.

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Nagagamisis is 4.5 hours north of Sault Ste Marie.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Campsite with grass, fire pit and picnic table surrounded by deciduous treesSite 36, Camp Hilltop. Tent or RV up to 18′

Pancake Bay features over 3 km of beautiful sandy beaches and blue Caribbean waters. Enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Superior from the Edmund Fitzgerald Lookout hiking trail. The park is located along the historic Voyageur paddling route and is a short drive from many regional attractions.

Take part in the 30×30 Challenge by biking, rowing, fishing, or hiking in the park!

Pancake Bay is 1 hour from Sault Ste Marie.

Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park

Cozy campsite with grass, interesting leaning trees and a fire circleSite 82, White Birch Hill Campground. tent

The long sandy beach with warm, shallow water and a children’s playground make this park ideal for families with small children. Hikers will love exploring the boreal forest and the beautiful Esker Ridges. And don’t forget your fishing gear!

Tons of fantastic events are happening this weekend including an amazing race and a summer Halloween including trick or treating!!

Lake Ivanhoe is 2.5 hours from Timmins and 5.5 hours from Sudbury.

Lake Wakami Provincial Park

Magical looking flora around a partially shaded campsiteSite 25, Camp Maple Ridge. Tent or RV up to 18′

One of the undiscovered fishing spots in Ontario parks! This campsite is just steps from the lake. Discover flora such as carnivorous plant and sundew on the park’s hiking trails, or rent a kayak and explore the coastline by the water.

Lake Wakami is 4 hours from Sault Ste Marie and 5 hours from Sudbury.

Northwestern Ontario

White Lake Provincial Park

Shaded campsite with picnic bench. Site 108, Moccasin Flower Camp. Tent or RV up to 18′

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White Lake is an ideal place for anglers. The campground features a fish cleaning station, paved boat launch (lit at night), and dock.

White Lake is large, so it can be explored by motorboat or canoe. The park has canoes, adult mountain bikes, tents, and fishing equipment available for rent.

White Lake is 4 hours from Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay.

Neys Provincial Park

Shaded campsite with picnic bench. Site 109, Area 4. Tent or RV up to 18′

Neys has one of the finest sandy beaches on the north shore of Lake Superior. Walk to the Pagoda for a spectacular view of Pic Island, immortalized on canvas by Lawren Harris of Group of Seven fame.

Neys is 3.5 hours from Thunder Bay.

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Quaint wooded and grassy campsite with picnic tableSite W59, Whitesand Campsite. Tent or RV up to 18′

Shake off the cobwebs with a hike along the Casque Isle Trail, or watch cascading waters as they tumble over the rock ledges of Rainbow Falls on their way to Lake Superior.

Rainbow Falls is 2.5 hours from Thunder Bay and 5 hours from Sault Ste Marie (just follow the shoreline of Lake Superior).

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

Drive through the site on a paved camping road.Site 61, Camp Whispering Hills. Tent or RV up to 32′ (electric)

At 40m high, Kakabeka Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Ontario and is accessible year-round. The park offers great views of the falls and gorge from the boardwalk surrounding the top of the falls.

Kakabeka Falls is 30 minutes from Thunder Bay.

Quetico Provincial Park

Bright campsite surrounded by mature sweet shopsSite 98, Dawson Trail – Ojibwa Camp. Tent or RV up to 18′

Quetico is known for its rugged beauty, towering rock cliffs, majestic waterfalls, pristine pine and fir forests, and picturesque rivers and lakes. This site is just a few steps from the beach.

Quetico is less than 2 hours from Thunder Bay or 30 minutes from Atikokan.

Haven’t you seen any campsites that caught your attention? Find other available campsites with our online campsite search tool – don’t be left behind this weekend!