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Camping Vacancy Highlights: September 24-26

Well, WATT, do you know? We have electrical sites available throughout the province!

No matter where you go, you’ll find a connection waiting for you, even in some indoor accommodations!

Find your ideal campsite in our reservation service (including photos of most campsites!), or check out these featured campsites (available from noon on September 23, 2021):

Northeastern Ontario

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

Site 1, The Pines Campground. Tent or RV up to 32 feet. *electric*

Kettle Lakes is part of the large expanse of boreal forest that covers northern Ontario and offers excellent opportunities for hiking, bird watching and fishing.

The park has 14 km of bike trails that wind through the forest and take you to Slab Lake, where you can swim before continuing your journey.

Kettle Lakes is 4 hours north of Sudbury.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Site 201, Central-East Camp. Tent or RV up to 25 feet. *electric*

Pancake Bay features over 3 km of beautiful sandy beaches and blue Caribbean waters.

Enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Superior from the Edmund Fitzgerald Lookout hiking trail. The park is located along the historic Travelers’ Rowing Route and is a short drive from many regional attractions.

Pancake Bay is 1 hour from Sault Ste Marie.

Northwestern Ontario

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park.

Site 47, Camp Whispering Hills. Tent or RV up to 25 feet. *electric*

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Kakabeka Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Ontario and is accessible year-round. Enjoy great views of the falls and gorge from the boardwalk surrounding the summit.

Book a campsite and use it as a base to explore the area!

Kakabeka Falls is 30 minutes from Thunder Bay.

Rushing River Provincial Park

trailerSite 405, Southwest Camp. *equipped with trailer*

Talk about an easy getaway. This site comes with a trailer already set up for you!

Rushing River is a favorite family camping destination with beaches, playgrounds, hiking trails, and endless opportunities to explore.

This on-site travel trailer includes dinette, sofa slide, screened “bonus room”, stove, refrigerator, air conditioning, heater, and two sinks with drinking water.

Rushing River is 2.5 hours from Winnipeg.

Near the north

Marten River Provincial Park

Site 110, Chicot Camground A. Tent or RV up to 32 feet. *electric*

The Marten River is the southern gateway to the Temagami area and is the perfect base for canoeists, boaters and fishermen.

The River Marten offers many opportunities to explore, with numerous bays and long stretches of coastline.

Marten River is 45 minutes from North Bay and 1.5 hours from Sudbury.

Mikisew Provincial Park

Site 353, Campground 3. Tent or RV up to 25 feet. *electric*

Fall fun is endless at Mikisew!

There are three sandy swimming beaches located along Eagle Lake in Mikisew. The lake is also ideal for boating, paddling and fishing.

While you’re there, check out their 18-hole disc golf course!

Mikisew is just over 2 hours from Barrie and 2.5 hours from Sudbury.

Southeastern Ontario

Ferris Provincial Park

Site 72, Camp Bedrock. Tent or RV up to 32 feet. *electric*

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In Ferris you will find more 10 kilometres of trails that take you through forest and riverside environments. The Ranney Falls Trail follows the original road into the park before returning along the river.

The suspension bridge offers a panoramic view of the River Trent Gorge and, of course, the Ranney Falls that give the trail its name.

Want to explore Northumberland County this fall? Ferris is the perfect base camp!

Ferris is 1.5 hours from Kingston and just over 2 hours from Toronto.

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Site 5, Pincer Bay Campground. *yurt*

With over 12 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, Silent Lake is a great destination for outdoor adventures.

Check out the beautiful lookout over Silent Lake or relax on any of the park’s sandy beaches.

Silent Lake is 2.5 hours from Toronto and 3 hours from Ottawa.

southwestern ontario

Earl Rowe Provincial Park

Site 275, Camp Fletcher Field. Tent or RV up to 32 feet. *electric*

Watch salmon spawn on the fish ladder (a space for fish to jump over obstacles) or explore one of the park’s many trails.

Grab your bike and discover the park on two wheels! The 7-mile Rainbow Run Trail runs through wetlands, campgrounds, lakes, forests, and open-country ecosystems.

Earl Rowe is only 1.5 hours from Toronto or 45 minutes from Barrie.

Rondeau Provincial Park

Site 78, South Camp. Tent or RV up to 32 feet. *electric*

Eleven beach accesses lead to 7 miles of beautiful sandy beaches along the Rondeau Peninsula side of Lake Erie. The park also offers six hiking trails from which to explore this world-renowned birdwatching destination.

Experienced birders may catch glimpses of songbirds and warblers when they stop in the park before migrating south to their wintering grounds.

Rondeau is 3 hours from Toronto and 1.5 hours from London.

Find a campsite near you and spend this weekend in nature!

Looking for an even more serene experience this September?

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