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“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and this river of nations, then one lasting expression of that simple truth is surely the canoe.”

— James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and director emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum

Through the stories of five Ontario paddlers, “THE CANOE” highlights the strength of the human spirit and how the canoe can be a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections.

Discover the different ways Ontarians have connected to our natural environment, each other, and themselves through paddling.

Watch the full documentary here.

Is there anything more Canadian than rowing?

“Ontario” is a Haudenosaunee word meaning “land of shining waters.” With more than 400,000 lakes, countless rivers and heritage waterways in Ontario, we are connected by and to water, and the canoe is a symbol of that relationship.

Rowing is good for our health

Health benefits of rowing

These health benefits, both physical and mental, will have you reaching for your paddle!

Paddling in parks

Ontario Parks offers endless paddling opportunities. Explore a swamp, wander a river, or plan a whitewater adventure!

More than 75 parks rent canoes, kayaks and SUPsMaking your paddling planning even easier!

Need some suggestions?

Challenge yourself

Northwest SearchWabakimi Provincial Park

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Dreaming of paddling through the vast wilderness of northwestern Ontario, gliding past moose, caribou and wolves? Wabakimi, Woodland Caribou and Quetico Provincial Parks await you.

Complete the Northwest Desert quest!

Discover the pristine nature of Ontario

Temagami_WinnersSmoothwater_3-125_HRLady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park

Whether you’re planning a scenic day trip or a backcountry adventure, northeastern Ontario is a paddler’s playground.

Fall in love with these five life-changing paddling destinations.

Paddling through the painted landscape

Barrón River paddlerAlgonquin Provincial Park

Paddling in the Ontario wilderness inspires creativity and offers an immediate artistic connection. Why not canoe through landscapes that have inspired the work of the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and other contemporary artists?

Experience Algonquin, Killarney, Neys, Bon Echo and more!

Reconnect with family

family canoeing

Paddling teaches core values, skills and a love of nature, and is best shared with loved ones.

Find a park near your loved ones.

Wherever you choose to launch your canoe, share your adventures with us on social media (hashtag #PaddleON)!