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The federal Cannabis law as well as Ontario Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2017 and the Cannabis Control Act, 2017 regulate the possession and use of recreational cannabis in Ontario, including provincial parks.

Here you will find useful information about cannabis use in Ontario parks:

Can I consume cannabis in any provincial park?

Under the Cannabis Control Act, 2017 , people who are at least 19 years old can possess recreational cannabis. This includes Ontario Provincial Parks; However, you should be aware of places within the parks where cannabis cannot be consumed.

Is there anywhere in the park where cannabis is consumed? No permitted?

Smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited in the same areas where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

Smoking tobacco or cannabis, or using an electronic cigarette to vape any substance (including cannabis) is not permitted in certain areas of provincial parks, including:

  • closed public places, including bathrooms
  • protected areas with a roof and more than two walls
  • playgrounds and 20 m from the perimeter of the playground
  • sports areas, such as volleyball and beach volleyball areas, designated swimming areas, baseball fields, soccer fields and adjacent spectator areas, as well as 20 m from the perimeter of sports or spectator areas

Cannabis may not be consumed in any manner in a vehicle or boat (including a canoe, kayak, paddleboard, etc.) that is being driven or under the care or control of anyone.

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If the provincial park you are visiting is located within a fire region, you will not be able to smoke while hiking in a forest area from April 1 to October 31 of each year.

Can I transport cannabis in my vehicle?

The laws regarding the transportation of cannabis in a vehicle or boat are similar to those for the transportation of alcohol; see the Cannabis Control Act, 2017.

Cannabis must be in its original, unopened packaging or packed in closed luggage or not available to any person in the vehicle or boat.

If there is a ban on alcoholic beverages, is cannabis also prohibited?

In several provincial parks, an alcohol ban is in effect for 11 days in May up to and including Victory Day Monday (May 10-20, 2019).

At this time, cannabis consumption is allowed during an alcohol ban.

The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is under the Liquor License Law which is separated from the Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2017.

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