Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

The summer student workforce is the lifeblood of Ontario Parks’ summer operating season. Our provincial parks simply could not function without our student workers.

This week we gathered in Peterborough to award the 2019 Ontario Parks Partner Scholarships.

He Ontario Parks Partner Scholarship was established in 2000 by several Ontario Parks corporate partners to recognize students who excel in their jobs at Ontario Parks. The $500 awards recognize the innovation and leadership of young people working in Ontario’s provincial parks.

Deputy Deputy Minister Bruce Bateman congratulates and thanks our partners and scholarship winners

Our 2019 winners received praise for their roles as mentors, educators and innovators. Whether they were administering first aid, managing recycling programs or sharing the park’s history and heritage with visitors, each student went above and beyond to earn their nomination.

Special congratulations to Christopher Cole, who received the Amber Booth Award.

This award carries special recognition for fellows whose efforts excel in the areas of health, safety and well-being.

Chris poses with his family and Amber Booth's license plate

As a member of the Algonquin Provincial Park maintenance team, Chris and his team members faced various dangers every day. Chris, more than any of his colleagues, took safety very seriously.

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This went beyond always ensuring he and his colleagues worked safely with the right personal protective equipment, something Chris did constantly. He took charge of the team’s daily “backdoor safety meetings” and suggested new safety issues to review and discuss during these meetings, and constantly raised safety concerns with supervisors.

Chris’s safety-oriented approach to his work made Algonquin’s maintenance team perform safer and more efficiently overall.

Our 2019 Student Speaker

Hearing about our students’ experiences is always a highlight of the ceremony. This year, Whitney Otis shared how her experiences working at Ontario Parks helped shape her music career.

Thank you to Whitney for bringing this special moment to our 2019 celebration.

Whitney is from Mattice and has worked as a gatekeeper at Nagagamisis Provincial Park for the past five summers. In providing exceptional customer service, Whitney leads by example. Being completely bilingual, Whitney’s ability to converse in French and English seamlessly is a perfectly placed asset in Nagagamisis.

two people posingOntario Parks Director Jason Travers congratulates scholarship winner Whitney Otis

Whitney was also instrumental in managing the park’s musical bonfire last summer, which was a big hit with campers. Whitney’s musical talent, drive and dedication make her an essential member of the Nagagamisis team.

Without the support of the following partners, the scholarship program would not be possible

Since 2000, our corporate partners have provided more than $250,000 to our students.

Many thanks to our 2019 partners!

This song by our “Singing Superintendent” Scott Thomas commemorates all of the incredible work and passion our summer students bring to the parks:

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Congratulations to all of our 2019 winners!

group ohoto of 2019 scholarship winner, partners and staff

Crystal Palubeskie
Algonquin Provincial Park
Christopher Cole
Algonquin Provincial Park
Madison Crumpton
Algonquin Provincial Park
Holly Bennett
Arrowhead Provincial Park
Caitlyn Carney
Bon Echo Provincial Park
Abigail Berendt
Brontë Creek Provincial Park
Kathryn Wu
Driftwood Provincial Park
Alyssa Rodwell
Earl Rowe Provincial Park
Abigail Honeyborne
Esker Lakes Provincial Park
Maya Dokis
Finlayson Point Provincial Park
Sara Fillmore
Fitzroy Provincial Park
Hailey Huffman
Frontenac Provincial Park
Ryan Ethier
Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park
Karadyn Kiviaho
Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
Daniel Boulanger
Kettle Lakes Provincial Park
William Morrow
Komoka Provincial Park
Alexandra Gaspar
Lake Superior Provincial Park
nicolas ritchie
MacGregor Point Provincial Park
Angus Rawding
Mikisew Provincial Park
austin baker
Murphy’s Point Provincial Park
Whitney Otis Nagagamasis Provincial Park Cameron George
Pinery Provincial Park
Sidney Fuller
Point Farms Provincial Park
Elaine Donck
Port Burwell Provincial Park
Sabrina Doping
Peninsula Provincial Park
Amy Pitura
Quetico Provincial Park
Brynn Thompson
Rainbow Falls Provincial Park
Jake Geisler
Restoule Provincial Park
Anastasia Heuvelmans
Rondeau Provincial Park
Anna Kramer
Rushing River Provincial Park
Mary Ann Rouse
Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park
Amanda Johnson
Sandbanks Provincial Park
Aiden Riddell
Sharbot Lake Provincial Park
Avery Hudon
Silent Lake Provincial Park
hayleigh hunter
Silver Lake Provincial Park
nicole anderson
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
Adrian Loudon
Southeast Zone Office
Harry Cowan
Turkey Point Provincial Park
Alexandra Campbell
Wabakimi Provincial Park
Issac Rondeau-McNair
Lake Wakami Provincial Park

You really put your heart in the park!