Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Donate to Killarney Provincial Park Project OP125: "The Crack" Trail

As part of Ontario Parks’ 125th anniversary, we’re asking Ontarians to help us fund one of five legacy projects across the province.

Killarney Provincial Park’s legacy project is to improve “The Crack” hiking trail. This is a short, day-use portion of the multi-day (80km) La Cloche Silhouette Trail along the white quartzite ridges of Killarney.

Aerial view of Killarney“The Crack” is a cleft at the top of the ridge between Lake Kakakise (foreground) and Lake Killarney to the north. The trail ascends 150 m, offering excellent views of the southern part of the park.

From the trailhead on Highway 637 to the prominent “Crack” on the ridge is a 3km hike one way. The first half runs through ancient grasslands and forested lowlands to Lake Kakakise, then climbs steeply over open rocky terrain.

With increasing use, this section of the trail is heavily eroded, with extensive root exposure in some areas.

    Roots Expo on Crack TrailErosion and root damage on the steep slope above Lake Kakakise. Once this section of the trail is rerouted, this area will be rehabilitated.

Planning is currently underway to divert some of the steeper sections onto more suitable terrain. Heavily eroded areas will be closed and rehabilitated to their natural state.

The work is expected to be carried out in several stages and could take more than a year to complete.

winter sunset from the cliffA late winter view from the top of The Crack. Looking west over Lake Killarney, with Lake OSA beyond.

This is an important legacy project because “The Crack” is one of the most popular trails in the area. From the ridge there are extensive views of much of the southern part of Killarney Provincial Park, Georgian Bay and beyond.

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This section of the trail is used by countless hikers and backpackers on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail, which runs through much of the interior of the park.

Topographic map of KillarneyThe trail runs from Highway 637 (below right) through ancient meadows and a variety of forest types before climbing the quartzite slopes of Killarney Ridge. The trail is 3 km one way and takes approximately 4 hours to hike round trip. The last half of the trail is shared with the multi-day La Cloche Silhouette backpacking trail, an 80km loop through the heart of Killarney’s wilderness.

How to contribute

The crack trail with the OP125 logo.If you would like to help us rehabilitate Killarney’s “The Crack” trail, visit our New donation page.

Make a camping reservation? You will have the option to add a donation to a project of your choice.

You can also check back throughout the year to find out how close we are to funding the project!