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Cooler weather. Without errors. The aroma of pumpkin pie wafting from your campfire and the warmth of hot chocolate in your hands. It must be fall camping season!

These six parks will extend their camping season this year:

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Open until October 21, 2019

Family of three walking on autumn leaves along the trail.  The youngest in the middle.

Whether you’re tent camping, RVing, or staying in the park’s luxurious cabin, you’ll find the comfort of fall everywhere at Balsam Lake.

Follow the Lookout Trail for a panoramic view of fall colors or enjoy the rustling of leaves under your feet along the Plantation Trail.

Bass Lake Provincial Park

Open until October 15, 2019

Sunset over Bass Lake.

Do you want to take a boat trip at the end of the season?

Located 10 minutes west of Orillia, Bass Lake is the perfect place to enjoy some time on the water. Breathe in the crisp fall air along the coast or sit back and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Mikisew Provincial Park

Open until October 15, 2019

Camping covered in autumn leaves.

Sleep in a campsite surrounded by mature maples in all their fall beauty, or lie down in a beautiful red pine forest with that fresh pine smell. Don’t forget to try the new disc golf course!

Peninsula Provincial Park

Open until October 21, 2019

Bird watcher looking through binoculars.

Presqu’ile is your dream destination for all things birdwatching – spend the fall migration here!

And don’t forget the colors. Walk to the lighthouse or stroll along the beautiful, colorful coastline!

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Rushing River Provincial Park

Open until October 15, 2019

Two campers sitting by the fire.

Rushing River is approximately 2.5 hours from Winnipeg and about 5 hours from Thunder Bay. With playgrounds, beaches, hiking trails, and of course, the rapids along the river, what’s not to love?

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Open until October 21, 2019

Rough waves on Lake Ontario with a tree changing color in the foreground.

Couldn’t get in during the summer? Now is your chance!

Stay and explore the campground or come out and discover Prince Edward County, from apple and pumpkin picking to beer and wine tasting, and treasure hunting while antiquing. Just remember to come back to see the amazing fall sunsets!

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