Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Fall camping season extended at five southwest parks

Have you had enough camping this year?

No, neither are we! That’s why several of our parks are offering extended seasons this fall.

Read on to find out where you should book your fall getaway:

Inverhurón Provincial Park

Open until October 30, 2022

kayak on the lake at sunset

The beautiful sunsets don’t end with Labor Day! The park offers a sandy beach with a stunning westward view of Lake Huron.

Looking for fall stargazing opportunities? Bring a blanket to Inverhuron and get ready for a show! You can see the Draconid (October 8-10) or Orionid (October 20-21) meteor showers.

October 22 is Inverhuron’s Halloween weekend, so be sure to check their events calendar for more details.

Inverhuron can also be a great place to bring your canoe or kayak, but the autumn weather can be fickle so be sure to check the weather and paddle safely.

Long Point Provincial Park

Open until October 23, 2022

group around a campfire

This highly recommended park celebrates its 101st birthday this year!

Even if it’s too cold to swim, the more than two kilometers of soft sand will still be ideal for sand castles and relaxing walks.

Did you know that Long Point is part of a Biosphere Reserve designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)?

Long Point protects sand dunes, wet grasslands, salt marshes and other rare habitats, making it a great place to spot wildlife.

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Turkey Point Provincial Park

Open until October 30, 2022

group on bike path

With many electric campsites, including many with drive-throughs, Turkey Point is perfect for camping in September or October.

If you like mountain biking, this park is a great option for a fall trip!

Mountain bike trails are available both inside and adjacent to the park. For more information, check out the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club.

Be sure to protect trails, especially in wet weather.

Selkirk Provincial Park

Open until October 11, 2022

sunset over the lake

Selkirk is another great park for RV owners.

Just 15 minutes east of Port Dover, it offers large grassy sites in beautiful surroundings. Many sites offer electricity and direct access for larger RVs and trailers.

If you need more reasons to try Selkirk, you’ll find them here.

Rondeau Provincial Park

Open until November 13, 2022

View of tree with changing colors.

If you weren’t able to book a camping trip during the fall color season further north, you may be out of luck!

Rondeau is located in the Carolina area of ​​Ontario.

Colors in this region typically peak weeks later than those in central Ontario. For the best fall show, reserve a spot in mid-October.

Rondeau is also the perfect place to witness the spectacular migration of monarch butterflies.

Butterflies gather in Rondeau as they feed on fall wildflowers to fuel their journey south.

Visit the park during the Monarch Migration Festival on September 18, or stroll along the coast on a quiet weekday to see this at-risk species.

Are you hearing the call of the fall?

There’s nothing like being outdoors as the leaves turn from green to shades of red and gold.

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Snuggle up with your partner by a campfire, watch a meteor shower under a dark park sky, and enjoy a quiet park as it calms down after a busy season.

bridgeEarl Rowe Provincial Park

If you’re looking for more cool-weather camping options, Earl Rowe Provincial Park also has sites available until October 11, and both Pinery Provincial Park and MacGregor Point Provincial Park are open for camping year-round.

See you there!