Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
Fall Fishing in Northeastern Ontario

The air becomes crisp, the leaves begin to change, and eager anglers begin to pack their gear to escape north.

Are you looking forward to fall fishing in Northeastern Ontario? Add these seven parks to your list:

Missinaibi Provincial Park

Closes on September 24, 2023.

boat docks

Lake Missinaibi is huge – 40km long with another bay 20km long – that’s a lot of water to fish in!

You’ll find stellar fishing for whitefish, walleye, and northern pike. Lake trout can be caught with tackle (and there are some good ones out there!).

The lake is remote for one with road access via an 80km logging road from Chapleau, which ends at the Barclay Bay campground (sites are first come, first serve, with plenty of availability in the fall). Anglers love the large boat dock system and boat rental availability.

Missinaibi campgrounds can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

Finlayson Point Provincial Park

Closes on September 24, 2023.


Finlayson Point is located just south of the village of Temagami, sharing shoreline and part of the Lake Temagami Skyline Reserve, a protected ring of pine forest surrounding Lake Temagami.

Lake Temagami is so large and so aquatically diverse that the variety of species is enormous!

Lake trout, pike, walleye and yellow perch, lake whitefish and smallmouth bass swim in its waters.

The park’s boat dock offers docking for boaters and anglers who want to take advantage of Finlayson Point’s location on picturesque, fish-filled Lake Temagami.

Finlayson Point campgrounds and cabins can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

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Nagagamisis Provincial Park

Closes on September 24, 2023.

view of the lake with a fir tree leaning over the water

While expert anglers return year after year in search of big walleye, pike and yellow perch, Nagagamisis is a fairly quiet park.

The park staff knows what anglers know and has made it a good campground for anglers: the park’s day-use area includes a boat launch to access the 15 km long lake, a loading dock, a fish cleaning station and a smoker to smoke and preserve fish.

fish smoker

To the north of the park is a series of cold-water lakes, easily accessible to motor boats and anglers seeking lake trout. Several cold water streams also hold trout. The park and lake are surrounded by boreal forest and the lake’s name means “lake with fine sand shores” in Cree.

Nagagamisis campgrounds can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

Lake Wakami Provincial Park

Closes on September 24, 2023.

rainy day on boat, fishing

Lake Wakami Provincial Park is famous for walleye fishing.

The park features a quiet, rustic campground off the beaten path (which means that there is not much competition for fishing, which makes It is a favorite of Ontario Parks staff who like to fish.).

The campground offers waterfront sites, good docking facilities and boat rentals.

Lake Wakami campgrounds can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

Mississagi Provincial Park

Closes on October 1, 2023.


If you like trout fishing, this is the place. Mississagi Provincial Park and its surrounding areas are filled with pristine trout lakes and streams, with good fishing opportunities for lake and brook trout.

Lake Trout can be found in the park’s two largest lakes: Flack and Semiwite. The park has a boat launch at each lake and the campground on Lake Semiwite has a dock just steps from the campgrounds.

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Lake Helenbar is like having your own trout lake in the middle of nature. Brook trout are found in this semi-hidden lake, which can be reached by a short trail. No motor boats are allowed in Helenbar and there is no road access. Canoes can be rented to access the lake.

Mississagi also has some of the best hiking trails between Killarney and Lake Superior, with spectacular views from the many viewpoints, especially in autumn.

Mississagi campgrounds can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park

Closes on October 10, 2023.

dock and boat on the lake

Shawanaga Bay, a huge inlet that reaches inland from Georgian Bay, features hundreds of islands and plenty of underwater structure where fish like to hang out. Anglers routinely catch bass, pike, zander and muskies.

Cabin at Sturgeon BayThe park has a full-service campground, especially useful in the fall (when fishing here is a little better). The park also has several cabins for comfortable camping when the temperature drops.

Sturgeon Bay campgrounds can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park

Closes on September 17, 2023.

boat on the lake with sunset

Campers who know Lake Ivanhoe well come for boating and fishing.

Good walleye, pike and yellow perch fishing can be done by boat or canoe. The lake is ten square kilometers in size, and the Ivanhoe River offers a further 20 kilometers of fishing and boating opportunities.

The park campground is located off Highway 101, just over an hour west of Timmins. It has electrical sites, comfort stations with showers and laundry facilities.

Ivanhoe Lake campgrounds can be reserved online or by calling 1-888-668-7275.

Ready to hit the road? Don’t forget to pack:

  • Summary of the Ontario Fishing Regulations 2023
  • your fishing license
  • clothes that will keep you warm (think: layers) in the cold fall weather. Don’t forget a hat and gloves.
  • safety equipment, including a life jacket or PFD

Before you head out, review our water safety tips. It could save a life.

Happy fishing!