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Fall Hiking in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Fall Hiking in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Today’s post is from Allison Spadoni, Superintendent of our Nipigon Node, Rainbow Falls, Neys, and White Lake parks.

Oh, fall!

It’s the perfect time of year to get out and tackle some of the longest hikes on your bucket list!

What makes the fall season such a great time to go hiking?

Well, although the days are still relatively long and warm, temperatures have started to drop, making it more comfortable to sweat while walking outdoors.

The black flies and mosquitoes disappeared for the year and the fall colors make some already spectacular views even more special. What more could a hiker ask for?

A destination worth adding to your hiking bucket list is the Casque Island Hiking Trail, a rugged 53 km section of the Voyageur Trail located between the township of Terrace Bay and the town of Rossport. Parts of this trail also pass through Rainbow Falls Provincial Park.

Breaking Casque Island

The trail itself is divided into five segments.

Each segment has separate access points from Highway 17, making the trail and its individual segments very accessible to users.

viewpoint viewRainbow Falls Trail Lookout #2 (Wilson, Channel, Quarry, and Healey Island)

The trail is designed to accommodate both beginner and advanced hikers, and can be hiked over several days or broken up into smaller (but still challenging) day hikes.

One of the sections of the trail, the Schreiber Canal Segmentis a 13 km section through Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, a smaller recreational park that offers two distinct campgrounds:

  • The largest Whitesand Lake campground (closed for the season on September 17, 2023) is located in the warmer inland waters of Whitesand Lake.
  • Rossport Campground (closed October 10, 2023) is located along the rugged shores of Lake Superior.

The Schreiber Channel trail segment meanders along the park’s main road until reaching the Rainbow Falls Trailhead, located just past the park’s West Beach day-use area.

Enjoying the rainbow falls

He Rainbow Falls Trail It’s a 1.1 km linear route (2.2 km round trip) that includes a series of stairs and platforms that run the length of the park’s namesake: Rainbow Falls.

After crossing a bridge spanning the river, the trail leaves the river and climbs to an overlook that offers beautiful panoramic views of Lake Superior.

While the Rainbow Falls section of the trail ends at this overlook, the Schreiber Channel Trail segment (which includes a hike through another protected area, Schreiber Channel Provincial Park) continues along a route that features several other great overlooks. , including Twin Harbors. , Flint Island, Winston Point Lookout and Selim Lookout.

Visit this fall!

Whether you plan to complete the entire trail or simply want to explore separate segments, Rainbow Falls is a perfect stop, serving as a base camp for Casque Isle hikers during each campground’s open season.

Whitesand Lake from Rainbow Falls Trail Viewpoint #1

While hikers can use the (limited) first-come, first-served campsites located along the trail, enjoying the amenities of the park’s campsites, such as a hot shower, bagged firewood, and a place to charge an electronic device, will certainly It may be a good choice. Welcome to the end of a long day on the trail!

Setting up a base camp in the park also eliminates the need to carry all of your sleeping and cooking gear on your back, making it easy to explore everything this beautiful trail system has to offer.

After the park campgrounds are closed, you can still plan day hikes in the park along this route.

Some things to remember

When planning your trip, check out the Fall Color Report so you can enjoy the trail segments and their spectacular views during peak fall colors.

Always remember to plan your trip accordingly and walk within your capabilities.

For more information on the Casque Isle Trail system, see the Casque Isles Hiking Trail Club – Voyageur Trail Association.

Go out and enjoy the pleasure of hiking. We know you will fall in love with hiking this season.

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is located a 2 ¼ hour drive from Thunder Bay and 20 minutes from Terrace Bay.

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