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Find your fall getaway at one of these parks

Summer is too hot and winter is too cold.

Looking for a perfect camping season?

Witness the beauty of the province’s changing colors as you explore numerous hiking trails, boating opportunities, or just hanging out at your site.

Discover (or rediscover) these great fall camping opportunities:

Rushing River Provincial Park

Open until October 12, 2021

person walking with dog

Rushing River is a favorite family camping destination with beaches, playgrounds, hiking trails, and endless opportunities to explore.

Looking for a little more comfort? Reserve one of their two trailer-equipped sites (open through the end of September).

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

Open until October 12, 2021

Kayak tip on a lake during fall colors.

The forests of Kettle Lakes light up in gold every fall. The park’s interesting landscape reflects the remains of icebergs from the end of the last ice age. Today, the park contains 22 sparkling spring-fed lakes.

Biking, walking, trout fishing, paddling, bird watching, and swimming will keep you busy here, with plenty of trails, lakes, and beaches throughout the park.

Driftwood Provincial Park

Open until October 12, 2021

Fall colors near the lake.

Why not spend the weekend camping next to the cool, clear waters of the Ottawa River? Many of Driftwood’s campsites are oceanfront!

Interested in exploring other fall color opportunities near you? Driftwood is a great basecamp for visiting other nearby parks (Note: Advanced Daily Vehicle Permits are recommended for 17 of our participating parks).

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Long Point Provincial Park

Open until October 24, 2021


Long Point is part of a 25-mile-long sand spit on Lake Erie, recognized as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations.

It is a world-renowned refuge and a stopover for migratory birds in the fall. The delicate dunes and marshes are filled with songbirds, spawning fish, turtles and frogs!

Wheatley Provincial Park

Open until October 12, 2021

bench overlooking the water

Wheatley Campgrounds are situated among a tangle of streams in a beautiful Carolina forest (at the same latitude as Northern California!).

Walks in the park pass through a mature forest of oak, walnut, tulip, sassafras, chestnut and black gum trees.

Rondeau Provincial Park

Open until October 31, 2021

Path through an autumn forestPhoto: P. Allen Woodliffe

Rondeau offers world-class birding for the experienced and those just starting out.

Explore its six hiking trails, decorated with the bright colors of falling leaves and changing wildflowers.

Earl Rowe Provincial Park

Open until October 12, 2021

bridge during fall colors

Watch salmon spawn on the fish ladder (a space for fish to jump over obstacles) or explore one of the park’s many trails.

Grab your bike and discover the park on two wheels! The 7-mile Rainbow Run Trail runs through wetlands, campgrounds, lakes, forests, and open-country ecosystems.

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Open until October 31, 2021

Campsite covered in autumn leaves

Balsam Lake campers love the Lookout Trail. Walk among eskers and kames formed more than 10,000 years ago on the Wisconsin Glacier and enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Boaters delight in exploring the Trent Severn Canal, which can be accessed from this park’s jetty.

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