Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
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Today’s post comes from Mitch Kostecki, Deputy Superintendent of White Lake Provincial Park.

Welcome to White Lake!

Our park is a hidden gem located along Highway 17 in the heart of Northwestern Ontario. We are approximately 60 km east of Marathon Township and 35 km west of White River Township (approximately a four hour drive to Sault Ste. Marie or Thunder Bay).

White Lake Entrance Sign

White Lake is a great destination if you need some rest and relaxation. We have three campgrounds, four hiking trails, two beautiful beaches, and of course, great fishing opportunities!

Sport fishing is one of the park’s most popular pastimes. Visitors come from all over Ontario, Manitoba and even the northern United States to fish in our park.

What species of fish do we have?

White Lake is a very large body of water occupying 5,800 ha of space. It is fed by a handful of diverse river systems, including the Shabotik River, White River, and Olga Creek.

person with fishThe Walleye (or Pickerel) is the most sought after species of fish in White Lake. Caught by Mitch Kostecki

Because White Lake has such a large surface area and water volume, it can support a wide variety of fish species.

The most popular species searched at White Lake include Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch. Other species that can be caught in the lake include:

  • lake trout
  • Lake white fish
  • cisco
  • Burbot (Maruca)
  • white piglet

Know the rules

White Lake Provincial Park is located in Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ) #7. Before you get out on the water, it is important to know the fishing rules and regulations.

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white lake map

First, always know the open seasons for the species of fish you are targeting. For example, walleye season is open from the third Saturday in May through December 31.

You also need to know the catch and possession limits for each target fish.

At White Lake, you can own four Walleye with a sport fishing license (only one of them is longer than 46 cm/18.1”). With a conservation fishing license, you can own two walleyes (only one of them is longer than 46 cm/18.1”).

person holding fishNorthern pike are the second most sought after species of fish in White Lake. This pike was caught near the train trestle towards the south end of the park.

Anglers should also note that there are special sanctuaries around the lake.

There are special areas with extended closed seasons from March 15 to June 15 at the northern end of the lake near the Shabotik River, and another sanctuary towards the southern end of the lake near Regan Point and Pic Mobert First Nation.

For more detailed information on fishing rules, regulations and special exceptions, see the summary of the 2019 Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations or visit Fish ON-line.

Here at White Lake Provincial Park, we always want to promote a conservation approach and sustain the beautiful resources we have.

Do your part by complying with all fishing rules and regulations while in White Lake Provincial Park.

Water safety

One thing to always remember when heading out onto a large body of water is the safety of the boat.

Going out for a full day of fishing? Make sure you have enough food, water, sunscreen, fuel, and extra parts for the boat!

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It’s always good practice to let someone know if you plan to be out all day and give them an estimated time of return.

Additionally, the north end of White Lake, often referred to as “The Great Lake” or “The North Rim,” can become very rugged in a short time. Know your individual comfort levels when it comes to operating a boat in new territory.

sunsetDeer Lake Observation Deck

There are also a few sandbars located along White Lake to watch out for.

There is often little or no way to know when a large sandbar begins to appear. Before you know it, 30m of water can quickly become less than two metres.

Locals know the most prominent sandbars better than less frequent anglers, but a good depth finder with side imaging works wonders. Also, be sure to travel at slower speeds when you are unfamiliar with a lake and its sandbars.

Boat Rental Opportunities

White Lake Provincial Park is proud to offer boat rentals (3) for people who do not own a boat or do not want to tow one to the park. Our rental boats are 14 ft (4.2 m) Prince Craft with a 9.9 HP Mercury four-stroke engine in the rear.

boatOne of our three rental boats, a 14′ Prince Craft aluminum boat that comes equipped with a 9.9 HP Mercury 4-stroke engine.

Boat rental kits are included and contain all necessary emergency equipment such as:

  • a fire extinguisher
  • throw the rope
  • Flashlight
  • spare accessory
  • support tool
  • lifejacket
  • pallets

Boat rental prices range from $75 for a single day (includes one tank of gas) to $350 for an entire week (includes two tanks of gas).

canoeCanoe rentals are also available for two-, four- and eight-hour periods, or for weekends.

Ask at the park gate for more details about boat rentals during your next visit.

Get hooked on fishing at White Lake!