Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
Five reasons why you should stay in Lake Superior Provincial Park this fall

Amber reds, warm yellows, and oranges as bright as a nighttime campfire—there are few places with fall colors as memorable as Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Here are five more reasons why we think Lake Superior is one of the best northern parks to visit this fall:

1. Panoramic views from the trails.

Lake Superior Provincial Park has unparalleled hiking trails any time of year. The fall colors make them so much better!

And as an added benefit: lower temperatures mean a comfortable walk with fewer insects.

View of forested coastline with fall colors

Vibrant reds and oranges are found in the south of the park and yellows and greens in the north.

The Nokomis Trail should be on everyone’s list during peak color period.

This 5km trail passes through boreal forest and ancient beach terraces from when Lake Superior’s water levels were highest thousands of years ago, with overlooks over Old Woman Bay and the Old Woman River Valley.

2. Night-time stargazing (and the northern lights)

In 2018, Lake Superior Provincial Park was officially designated as a Dark Sky Reserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. That means the park is essentially free of light pollution, offering unobstructed views of the night sky.

Lake Superior Stellar LandscapePhoto: Paula Trus

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What better time to experience this than in the fall, when the nights get longer? Look up and you’ll see a dome of stars above and, if you’re lucky, the dancing Northern Lights.

Fall has many cool, clear nights when nature’s greatest light show can appear.

3. Fishing opportunities abound

Anglers have long known that Lake Superior Provincial Park is a prime destination for great fishing.

A fish caught in Lake Superior Provincial Park

Fall campers can try their luck fishing for chinook, coho or pink salmon in the rivers that flow into Lake Superior, or for brook trout in its inland lakes.

We recommend taking the Orphan Lake Trail to fish the Baldhead River.

4. Wave observation

Along its towering cliffs and long beaches, Lake Superior Provincial Park is the scene of another breathtaking spectacle each fall.

The lake winds produce large, powerful waves that crash hard against the rocky shoreline.

Waves crashing on a rocky shoreline on Lake Superior

Fall camping along the coast at Agawa Campground or hiking to Old Woman Bay will give you a front-row seat.

For photographers and nature enthusiasts alike, it’s a showcase of the natural world not to be missed.

However, when the waters are calmer, the Lake Superior shoreline is ideal for experienced paddlers to explore and enjoy a different view of fall colors.

5. A quiet moment to explore the Visitor Center

The Lake Superior Visitor Center is open during the fall season until the park closes.

It highlights the cultural and natural history of the park, as well as the recreational activities in the park.

Staff with visitors in the visitor center.

Away from the summer crowds, visitors can take their time and enjoy each exhibit at their leisure.

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After Labor Day, the Visitor Center is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm until October 10.

Start planning your trip!

These are just a few reasons to visit Lake Superior Provincial Park this fall. There are many more, such as the opportunity to see migratory birds of prey heading to their wintering grounds.

Overnight camping and day use are available through October 10. Backcountry camping is available until October 22.

Visit for the day? Don’t forget to reserve your daily vehicle permit in advance to guarantee entry! Daily vehicle permits will be available at 7:00 am, five days in advance. of your arrival date.

Whether you’re looking to drive in and camp, stay in an RV, or explore the Lake Superior countryside, there’s an option for you at Lake Superior Provincial Park.

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See you soon!