Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

This blog post comes from Walker Kitchens, ActiveDays Program Coordinator.

Are you taking the 30×30 Challenge this August? Do you need a way to enjoy your time in nature?

In honor of the challenge, Parkbus offers three days active throughout the month of August so you can move outdoors.

Let’s get active!

Group photo in the forest.

ActiveDays is building an outdoor community in Toronto and Vancouver. We explore some of the most beautiful parks in the country and connect people with a passion for getting outdoors, exploring and having fun together. This is an inclusive space to meet new people, share stories and have fun!

There is no better place to meet someone than the outdoors. We all share the desire to get out, explore and move.

The ActiveDays philosophy is simple: disconnect from city life and get outdoors. The programs allow people to discover new places, develop skills and meet like-minded people in a collaborative environment.

ParkBus in a parking lot

ActiveDays events are about creating environments where you can interact in your own way. Everyone has their own relationship with the outdoors and with their body. We want to meet you where you are. Come walk in silence, play 20 questions and meet new people.

ActiveDays is a program run by Parkbus. Parkbus is a Canadian non-profit organization working to increase city residents’ access to the outdoors. Parkbus offers public buses to some of Canada’s most beautiful outdoor spaces from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa.

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August 4: Beautiful Awenda Beaches

Awenda Coast

ActiveDays heads to Georgian Bay for swimming and walking along a beautiful coastline.

Awenda Provincial Park is just two hours from Toronto, yet it feels like a different time zone. With four unique natural beaches and over 31km of trails, Awenda is the perfect getaway.

We started the day exploring the park on foot with a walk through a beautiful forest. We will then descend into the water to spend an afternoon swimming and exploring the beaches of Awenda. Bring your swimsuit, hiking shoes, camera, and adventurous attitude, and come explore the shores and waters of Lake Huron.

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August 12: See the stars at Sibbald Point

Night sky next to a forest

Active Days heads to Sibbald Point Provincial Park to witness the Perseid meteor shower.

This year, the Perseids are shaping up to be special, as the new moon will create a particularly dark sky. Each year, when Earth passes through the debris tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle, the Perseids occur. We left the city limits and headed to a flat, dark space about an hour away from the city to observe this majestic event.

The evening will begin by explaining meteor showers and how to see them best. As night falls, the tapestry of hundreds of stars will fill the sky, revealing the summer constellations and the Milky Way. Come, bring a blanket and/or mat, lie down and watch some shooting stars with us.

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August 18: Walk through the geological formations of Mono Cliffs.

Rock wall of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

ActiveDays and Parkbus we laced up our boots and headed to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park to walk through a magical forest and towering cliffs.

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Just over an hour from Toronto and nestled among rolling hills, Mono Cliffs is a gem. The Bruce Trail passes and follows a path above cliffs that can reach 30 m high. There are fantastic viewpoints and impressive rock formations. Mono Cliffs is also home to a beautiful forest filled with ferns and ancient trees. It is a wild and atmospheric space.

Walk along trails between rock formations.

We will depart Toronto at 8:30 am and at 8:45 am from our two pick-up locations. Once we reach Mono Cliffs, we will have approximately four hours to hike and explore. There is a network of trails that can be linked to lengthen or shorten the walk.

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Can’t do ActiveDays?

You can enjoy thirty minutes of nature in any of our 340 provincial parks! Visit our Park Locator to find a park near you.