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Group Campgrounds and Lodge Rentals in Southeastern Ontario

Do you want to enjoy nature with family and friends in Southeastern Ontario?

Our parks are the perfect places to gather. We have accommodation and facilities ideal for discreet meetings with the people you love.

Group campsites

Looking for a location for your annual family reunion? Why not book a group campsite and spend time together outdoors enjoying the sun?

Many of our campgrounds have sites that hold between 20 and 50 people. Choosing a group site is a great way to camp with a large group and not be separated at different sites.

Group Camping at Rideau River Provincial Park

If members of your group have different ideas about how they want to enjoy the park, campers can split up during the day (so many possibilities!) and regroup at the same site for dinner and a campfire at night.

Families with children love group sites. Group sites typically offer plenty of space away from cars for kids to run around freely. Plus, at a group site, parents can stay together after the kids go to bed to enjoy some peace and quiet and catch up by the fire.

Southeastern provincial parks that have group campgrounds include:

Most group sites do not have hydropower and trailers are generally not allowed, although this varies by park.

Additionally, all parks have a different limit on the number of people allowed at a group site, so to make sure a group site is right for you, visit and choose the park page you want. interested or call the park directly. .

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Picnic shelters

Picnic shelters are perfect if you are bringing a large group of people to the park for the day. Capacity ranges from 50 to 100 people and most shelters have picnic tables. Some even have electricity (for string lights!) and a barbecue available, so you can cook for the group (or prepare a potluck!).

Large group using picnic shelter at Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Renting a picnic shelter ensures your group has a shady spot (even in our busiest parks), with plenty of space to prepare food, eat, chat, rest and play.

lakeside picnic shelter

Southeastern Provincial Parks with picnic shelters that can be rented include:

You can book for the whole day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Picnic shelters are now reserved through the Ontario Parks reservations website. You can search for available shelters under the Day Use tab.

All vehicles entering a park require a valid permit. For participating parks, advanced day use vehicle permits can be purchased up to 5 days prior to arrival to reserve park space.

Happy travels!