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Happy World Ranger Day!  - Parks Blog

Ontario Parks staff tackle a wide variety of tasks and challenges.

Our days are diverse. You may find us researching rare species, administering first aid to injured guests, maintaining safe and healthy water systems, building a boardwalk, or welcoming families to a busy campground.

We are administrators of the most precious natural resources of our province. We are educators and instill a love of nature in new generations of Ontarians.

Internationally, World Ranger Day celebrates their wonderful work protecting our parks and commemorates rangers killed or injured in the line of duty in park organizations with high-risk activities.

We are proud to keep our parks safe and welcoming for visitors, while protecting our incredible natural world.

Take a look at some of our everyday heroes:

Christina Dolan

Park employee standing in front of Fitzroy entrance sign

Chris is the matriarch of Fitzroy Provincial Park, joining Ontario Parks in 1977 and working here for over 40 years. She is the park’s head secretary and worked in maintenance and gate before taking her current position.

Well deserving of recognition, she is a hard-working, supportive and knowledgeable member of the park team, who is adored by her colleagues. When you ask Chris what her favorite part of her career is, she responds, “Everything…but she especially likes working with the students because they’re fun and they keep her young.”

Brianna Lane

park ranger showing map of Presqu'ile

This is Brianna’s second summer at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. As a park ambassador, Brianna must know a little about everything that happens in the park, which is no easy task in a park as busy as Presqu’ile.

Brianna assists gate attendants on weekends by processing day use and camping reservations and controlling traffic. She assists the maintenance department with garbage and trash pickup and firewood delivery. She has also learned all about park policies and the natural features of the park, and provides excellent information and education to our visitors when touring the campgrounds and day-use areas. Brianna is the definition of a team player and can step in to lend a hand where needed.

Brianna’s work ethic, initiative, and thoughtfulness are evident in everything she does. Her quiet leadership and positive attitude impress both her colleagues and visitors. Brianna says, “My favorite part of my job as a Park Ambassador is the variety of tasks I complete every day, and no two days are the same! “I also love sharing my appreciation for the beauty of Presqu’ile with visitors.”

Chris Stromberg

ranger collage: skiing, with colleagues, leading a canoe hike

Chris is a country park warden who has called the Quetico countryside his home for the past two decades. Chris helps patrol and canoe maintain Quetico’s vast 4,718 km2 of countryside.

The southern border of Quetico’s interior abuts the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area of ​​the Superior National Forest in Minnesota, and Chris works hard to keep the centuries-old connection between Quetico and the Superior National Forest strong by organizing joint transportation projects and other association activities along the border. through his participation in the Heart of the Continent Association.

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Chris’ skills extend beyond the field. He has been instrumental in the success of Quetico events such as the centennial celebration in 2009, annual ski events and more. Chris has even helped the park biologist with Lake Sturgeon research on the frozen lakes of Quetico during the winter! More recently, Chris was a driving force behind Quetico’s successful bid to become an International Dark Sky Park.

Bruce Miller

park maintenance staff at work

Bruce has been a dedicated member of the maintenance staff at our Killbear Provincial Park for the past seven years.

Bruce is our full-service handyman, repairing HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.

Alyssa Rodwell

park staff holding chainsaw

As a maintenance supervisor, Alyssa is one of our blue-collar workers in the rugged parks of Earl Rowe, Mono Cliffs, and Forks of the Credit. She has been working at Ontario Parks for five years and is a valued member of our team.

Alyssa is capable and experienced in a multitude of maintenance jobs that keep our park in excellent condition. Equipment repairs, electrical problems, plumbing, and even tree maintenance – there’s really nothing these women can’t do. Thank you, Alyssa, for all your hard work, enthusiasm, and willingness to share your knowledge with others!

Kevin Cavanagh

park staff driving a tractor

Kevin has 31 years of service and joined Ontario Parks in 1990 as a manual laborer. He is a skilled worker whose contributions have made Fitzroy Provincial Park beautiful and safe for decades.

Kevin is a reliable and strong worker who is always helping with a great sense of humor. Kevin says his favorite thing is mentoring new students and watching families have fun at the park each year.

Aidan Rankin

Ranger using shovel to do camp maintenance

Aidan is a hard-working freshman at Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park. His diligent work ethic in his maintenance duties and as gate attendant helps keep our park running smoothly.

Aidan’s favorite part of working for Ontario Parks is working outdoors every day.

Paige Cashmore

Park staff with rental equipment: paddle, life jacket.

This is Paige’s third year at Kettle Lakes. She always has a friendly face and skillfully helps visitors at the front door.

Paige enjoys meeting visitors from all over Ontario and helping them make the most of their vacation!

Olivia Cacciola and Devon Mundy

two park rangers outside, holding stuffed animals

Devon and Olivia are exemplary park rangers at Earl Rowe Provincial Park.

Devon spent six years at the park, previously working as a pool lifeguard and operations technician. Olivia has been at the park for four years, working as a Discovery Leader, Learn to Camp Leader, and Gate Attendant.

We are very lucky to have such experienced and dedicated rangers working in our park!

Ian Sernoskie

park ranger standing by the tree

Ian is the Head Gate Keeper at Fitzroy Provincial Park and is known for his attention to detail and consistency. He is reliable and ensures the park has smooth entry operations and communication within all departments.

Ian joined Ontario Parks in 2002 and worked in Algonquin and Fitzroy in resource management, group leadership and visitor registration. Ian’s favorite part of working at Ontario Parks is helping people, visitors and staff alike.

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maddie piper

park ranger standing in front of park store sign

Maddie has worked for Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park for three seasons, doing a little bit of everything.

She started as a student at the Park Store, worked for a while as a maintenance student, and has now risen to become an amazing store manager.

Shea Sivyer

park ranger cleaning bathroom

This is Shea’s second season on the Port Burwell Provincial Park cleaning and maintenance team and he provides excellent leadership to the rest of his team.

She brings a positive attitude every day, helps others when needed, and excels at finding solutions to problems on her own.

Mitch Kellar

park ranger with frog sitting on beard

This is Mitch’s sixth season working for Ontario Parks and he has been a great addition to the Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park team.

Mitch is the park operations technician. One of his favorite tasks at the park is clearing the trails so visitors can enjoy them safely.

Emma Mintz

park ranger helping to collect vehicle permit

Emma has excelled as a member of the Killbear Provincial Park gate team for the past three years.

She goes above and beyond while helping visitors and has been instrumental in teaching new staff the basics, doing all of this with a smile.

Lauren Tiersma

park ranger fixing broken door

This is Lauren’s first season on the Port Burwell Provincial Park cleaning and maintenance team, after spending the last two seasons as the park’s gate attendant.

Lauren’s cheerful attitude and great work ethic inspire the entire team. No matter the job, you’ll always see Lauren with a smile!

austin lane

park ranger with mask in staff parking lot

Austin is currently in his fourth season at Killbear Provincial Park.

He is an incredibly hard-working and valuable member of the maintenance team who helps set good examples for other students.

Elisa Torlone

park employee sitting at desk, using phone

Elisa is the assistant park secretary for Kettle Lakes Provincial Park and this is her fourth year working at the park.

Elisa has been a passionate and caring leader at the park, helping new staff and welcoming visitors. She enjoys helping visitors and helping people experience nature.

Peter Wasserman

park staff working on wood

Peter is a knowledgeable and hardworking maintenance member who is currently in his first year at Killbear Provincial Park.

A typical day for Peter includes building picnic tables and mowing grass.

lauren leng

park ranger holding a stuffed animal in the park store

This is Lauren’s first year with Ontario Parks and she works as a senior gate attendant at Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park.

His enthusiastic and friendly personality creates a welcoming atmosphere at the front door for visitors and park staff.

Jordan Brimner

park ranger sitting on lawnmower

Jordan is a student maintenance leader at Grundy Lake Provincial Park and has been with Ontario Parks for four seasons.

His incredible work ethic and dedication to the park and his fellow students is an inspiration. Jordan can be seen leading the other students in cleaning the park’s bathrooms and comfort stations to keep visitors safe and happy.

Hannah Dodington

park staff looking at the foliage

This is Hannah’s third year as part of the Killbear Provincial Park Discovery team.

When she’s not busy researching snakes, Hannah spends her time managing invasive species and identifying insects, as well as maintaining hiking trails.

Liam Bruyns

park staff driving a tractor

Liam has played a key role on the Killbear Provincial Park maintenance team for the past six seasons. He is always on the move and is able to adapt to new situations with ease. He sets a great example for his teammates every day.

A big thank you to all the amazing staff at Ontario Parks!

Don’t forget to thank our amazing staff when you visit your favorite provincial park.

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