Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Help us protect the sensitive species and ecosystems of Lion's Head Provincial Park

Lion’s Head Provincial Park needs our help! This summer, the park has seen heavy use, which is putting pressure on this incredible habitat.

What you may not know is that Lion’s Head Provincial Park is open for day use only, has limited parking, and has no facilities or campgrounds.

We are seeing an increase in litter and trampling of sensitive habitat. We are also seeing many fire risks and want to remind everyone that campfires are not allowed in this provincial park.

A place of protection

Each protected area in the Ontario parks system was established for specific reasons. Each park has a specific classification, according to the specific reasons why it was created. Lion’s Head Provincial Park is a natural reserve class park.

white flower with green leaves

Nature reserves exist to protect nature for nature’s sake, which is quite an honorable mission. As a nature reserve, Lion’s Head Provincial Park protects a number of incredibly sensitive and important species and ecosystems, including ancient white cedars!

It is our privilege to be able to visit places like Lion’s Head, and our responsibility to do so in a way that does not harm the ecosystems that the park was created to protect.

Please put nature first.

With increased visitation to Lion’s Head Provincial Park, the important species and ecosystems the park was created to protect are being threatened.

crowded parking lotParking on the side of the road is illegal and will be subject to a fine!

The environmental impacts on this special place increase exponentially when it is overcrowded, so keep a simple rule in mind: If there’s no room for you in the parking lot, there’s no room for you on the trail.

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Thank you, fellow environmentalists!

We all want to have beautiful places to visit, hike and relax, and we can work together to spread out our visits to lessen our impacts and avoid unnecessary damage to our trails and parks.

young forest

Plan your trips accordingly and be prepared to return home or to a different destination in case the parking lots are full when you arrive.