Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
How to book your advance daily vehicle permit online

Did you know you can get your daily vehicle permit in advance at select provincial parks?

Obtaining your permit in advance guarantees access to the park of your choice, even on busy days like weekends and holidays.

Here’s everything you need to know to book your day pass:

Step one: select your park

Get started by visiting our booking site. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one.

From the main website, select the “Day Use” tab to get started. Make sure you have “Daily Vehicle Permit (DVP)” selected.

Screenshot of the day use tab on the booking website

On this page you can select your park and your arrival date.

Reservations can be made up to five days before arrival date, up to and including 7:00 pm for same-day arrivals (where availability exists).

Press the search button.

Step two: choose your permission

In the map view, look for the “Daily Vehicle Permit (DVP)” option.

Click this icon.

Map of a park on the reservation website

You will be taken to a calendar view showing availability.

If you see a green check mark, there are still places to reserve. If the red “X” icon is present, it means spaces are sold out and you will have to try another day or a different park.

Availability calendar on the reservation website

Select your arrival date. Don’t forget that the earliest you can book is five days in advance.

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Step three: enter your information

Review your reservation details and read and accept the acknowledgment messages at the bottom of the page.

Reservation website

Click again to proceed to payment.

Are you part of a discounted group or do you have a seasonal permit?

This page will show the usual daily vehicle permit rate, but don’t worry! You will be able to apply any discounted rates or seasonal permit information in the next step.

At this point, you will be asked to log into your account (if you have not already done so) or create an account.

Reservation website

Once you have logged in and verified your details, you will be asked if you will be the occupant or if someone else will be the occupant of the vehicle. The permit will only be issued to the named occupant.. You can only have one reservation per day per park issued to the same name as the permit holder.

Step Four (if applicable): Add your discount or seasonal permit

If you are part of a discount group, this is where you can select your permit rate.

If you are a seasonal permit holder, select the bottom item in the list:

Discounted rates on the reservation service.

You will be asked to enter your permit serial number.

Find your serial number on the back of your permit, in the lower right corner.

The serial number will be in the format “A23-xxxxx”, “S23-xxxxx” or “C23-xxxxx”.

If you applied for your seasonal permit online and have not yet received it, please select another applicable rate when booking and pay the associated fee. You will receive a receipt upon purchase. When you arrive at the park for your day-use reservation, show the gate staff the receipt for your online store order to obtain your seasonal vehicle permit.

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To be eligible for a full refund on your daily use reservation, it must have been purchased within 20 days of ordering in the online store.

If there is no staff in the park, please submit a refund request.

Step five: complete your payment

If you are a seasonal permit holder, your cart will update on the confirmation page to show a $0.00 charge.

0 permit fee

If you are not a seasonal permit holder, you will be asked to select your payment method and enter those details at this time.

Enter your payment information

When it is complete, you will receive an email with your reservation details, including your reservation number. If you can’t find the email, be sure to check the spam folder in your email inbox.

Step Six: Enjoy the park!

After obtaining your permit, you will receive a confirmation email telling you how to register at your chosen park.

Check-in options may include:

  • Show your confirmation at the door (either on your device or in hard copy)
  • Print your confirmation/permission email and leave it in your control panel
  • Be able to present your confirmation number, if requested
  • If you have a seasonal permit, be sure to bring your pass to the park.

    We hope you have a safe and fun visit!