Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
How to identify snowflakes

Did you know that snowflakes come in all shapes and sizes?

Identifying snowflakes is a fun and easy way to get kids outdoors during the winter and spark an interest in science.

Why not turn your next winter adventure into a lesson in snowflake identification?

Snowflake Identification

Woman snowshoeing

SnowflakesPhoto: SnowCrystals

Step one: Keep an eye out for fresh falling snow.

Second step: Encourage your friends and family to join you.

Step three: Put on warm winter clothes.

Step four: Head outside.

Step five: Catch falling snowflakes or pick up fresh snowflakes from the ground and place them on a piece of black felt, your mitten, or your sleeve.

Step six: Take a closer look at the snowflakes, using a magnifying glass if you have one, and see if you can identify them using this snowflake identification chart from Snow Crystals.

Snowflake Identification ChartPhoto: SnowCrystals

Step seven: Repeat until you have identified a variety of different snowflakes.

Step eight: Come in to document your findings and warm up with
some hot chocolate or your favorite winter treat.

Feeling crafty?

Man and woman play in the snow.

Too much snow to venture outside?

Continue your snowflake identification lesson by creating some paper snowflakes. See how many types of snowflakes you can make!

Here are some simple instructions:

Siagram on how to make paper snowflakes.

You’re ready to become a snowflake expert!

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