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Calling all anglers!

Fishing season doesn’t end when the lake freezes. Our parks are home to some world-class ice fishing opportunities.

Here are some of the best places to drop a line this winter:

Security First!

Before we get into our favorite ice fishing spots, let’s talk safety.

Man ice fishing

When ice fishing, safety should always be the number one priority. Remember: ice does not freeze at a uniform thickness. Ice near the coast will be thicker than ice farther away, and light blue ice is stronger than white ice. Be sure to check the thickness of the ice with the auger as you go.

Always dress for the weather and layer up. Carry a charged cell phone and let someone know where and when you will be out.

Make sure you obey the Rules and regulations of the body of water you are fishing. And don’t forget to bring your fishing license with you!

Let’s do it!

1. Windy Lake Provincial Park

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Windy Lake Provincial Park is a winter wonderland offering skiing, snowshoeing and, yes, ice fishing.

The lake is a great place to fish for lake trout and lake whitefish in the winter. You can also try ice fishing without the hassle of bringing your own equipment! A complete ice fishing package can be rented at the park office.

Do you want to spend the night? The park also has four yurts and two lakeside cabins open throughout the winter. make your Bookings now!

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windy lake It is 45 minutes from Sudbury.

2. Silent Lake Provincial Park

Woman holds lake trout

Do you want to catch some beautiful lake trout? Head to Silent Lake!

Silent Lake has everything you need for a great winter. Fishing Trip: Beautiful scenery, plenty of fish, and cozy yurts to warm up after a day on the ice. You can also go cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hiking to keep you busy!

Remember to consult the Ontario Fishing Regulations before leaving. Keep gasoline augers at home too!

silent lake It is 2.5 hours from Toronto and 3 hours from Ottawa.

3. Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Sibbald Point Ice Fishing Collage

Lake Simcoe is known throughout the province for its incredible ice fishing opportunities.

With the protected bay located in Sibbald Point Provincial Park, it is a great place to enjoy fishing for jumbo yellow perch and whitefish.

Park staff keep the main road and a parking lot clear all winter for keen anglers. Be sure to reserve your daily vehicle permit in advance!

Sibbald Point is just over 1 hour from Toronto.

4. Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Ice Fishing

Quetico is known for its rugged beauty, towering rock cliffs, majestic waterfalls, pristine pine and fir forests, and picturesque rivers and lakes.

When the ice freezes, the park offers endless ice fishing opportunities. Think of all the lake trout hidden in Quetico’s bodies of water! Warm up after your trip with a stay in one of the year-round cabins.

Remember to use artificial bait and barbless hooks!

For the ultimate winter adventure, try winter camping at Chippewa Campground! New for 2022, camps will be available from January 1 to March 31. Bring your four-season tent, hot tent, camper or trailer.

Quetico is 4 hours east of Kenora or 3 hours west of Nipigon.

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5. Frontenac Provincial Park

Woman holding trout

If you are looking for an ice fishing adventure, Frontenac is the park for you.

You can catch pike, several species of panfish and brook trout in winter. Pack your gear and hike to one of three lakes stocked with brook trout. There is nothing better than the beauty and serenity of ice fishing on a secluded lake!

Aren’t you afraid of the cold? Frontenac is a favorite of winter campers!

Frontenac is 45 minutes from Kingston.

Do you want to fish for free?

Woman ice fishing

Plan your trip during the Ontario Family Fishing Weekend! Of February 19-21, 2022, Canadian residents can fish without a license!

Don’t forget to check out Fish ON-Line to research your lake!