Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
International Youth Day 2023

Happy International Youth Day!

Students and young people are the lifeblood of our parks: we couldn’t do without them!

These are just some outstanding students and young people from across the province:

Lauren (she/her)

staff at the exhibition

This is Lauren’s first year as a Discovery Ranger with the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Discovery program team. She has a big heart and passion for the natural world.

Lauren loves being among like-minded naturalists!

Avery (he/him) Zander (he/him)

two employees standing back to back

This dynamic duo of brothers have several years of park experience between them.

Your friendly, warm and welcoming demeanor at the front door of Bass Lake Provincial Park is the gold standard of customer service. They can be relied on to help wherever they need it, whether it’s serving customers or training new staff.

Andy (he/him)

staff wearing high visibility

The McRae Point Provincial Park staff is very grateful to have Andy back as a second-year student maintenance worker.

Andy’s infectious smile and willingness to coach his co-workers have helped bring an almost entirely new team of student maintenance workers on board and keep McRae Point in tip-top shape this season.

Ellen (she/her) and Derica (she/her)

two employees

This is Ellen’s first year with the Murphys Point Provincial Park maintenance team. She loves being able to work outdoors and help preserve and protect animals and their habitats.

This is Derica’s second year as a gate attendant, working at Killbear Provincial Park last year and Murphys Point this year! She says the best part of her job is being able to interact with the public, especially children, and share with them her love of the natural world.

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Ria (she/her)

standing staff with display

This is Ria’s first year with Ontario Parks and the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park team. She’s a Discovery Ranger!

Ria’s enthusiasm, appreciation, and wonder for all the life around her is an infectious joy! After work, you can watch her bike along the park’s incredible trail system in this incredible landscape.

Sam (she/her)

staff standing against evergreen trees

Well-travelled, Sam came from her summers spent in Nagagamisis Provincial Park and Fushimi Provincial Park to join the McRae Point Provincial Park team this summer and is widely regarded across the Bass Lake group of parks as the friendlier and more helpful. employee!

Alex (he/him)

person holding ice cream

This is Alex’s second year working with Ontario Parks. She creates social media posts for the Park Ambassador Program and drafts documents to assist in program delivery and outreach.

She also assists with customer service, reservation management, and any other work necessary to keep the Park Ambassador Program running smoothly.

Lily (her), Spencer (him) and Grace (her)

three employees

Lily is in her third year at Murphys Point Provincial Park and works in the office. Spencer is a freshman in the park’s maintenance department and Grace is her second year at the Murphys Point store.

When asked what their favorite part of working for Ontario Parks was, they all agreed it was the friendships they forge with their fellow staff.

Amber (she/her)

staff wearing high visibility

A returning maintenance student, Amber is one of Mara Provincial Park’s quiet leaders, always happy and busy keeping the park facilities clean and tidy.

Fil (they/them)

staff in high visibility holding clipboard

Fil is one of our gate attendants at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and is enjoying his first season with Ontario Parks.

They work hard to provide excellent customer service and are always happy to help visitors at our many beach areas.

Her favorite part of working for the park is being able to interact with the many visitors and hear about their positive experiences at the park.

Lauryn (she/her)

Lauryn, a first-year maintenance student, is at home with almost any tool the staff at Bass Lake Provincial Park trains her on, and her smile and enthusiasm no matter the task is hard to miss!

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Molina (she/her)

staff next to sandwich board

Molina joined Sibbald Point Provincial Park this spring in the Park Ambassador program.

He was quickly able to adapt to the new position by making it his own. Molina has done a great job using his acting skills to bring the park to new campers, as well as campers who have been camping for many years (but perhaps didn’t know how to be a camper).

Molina has a great talent for fitting in with other park departments and is considered a leader by his fellow staff members. Park staff believes that Molina has not only been an asset to Sibbald Point, but that he is a true ambassador for Ontario parks.

Jonathan (he/him) and Brock (him/him)

two employees at caimanes

Jonathan and Brock are two of our enthusiastic freshmen at Earl Rowe Provincial Park!

Brock likes working outdoors and Jonathan likes meeting all the amazing visitors to the park.

The contribution of our housekeeping staff is essential to maintaining smooth operations and creating memorable experiences for visitors to Earl Rowe.

Charlotte (she/her)

staff repairing picnic table

Charlotte is a high-visibility hero!

Quetico Provincial Park would like to recognize Charlotte’s tremendous work ethic and contributions to camp this summer.

In the image above, he is disassembling old picnic tables to reuse their metal legs. With the humidex it was 36°C. She was fighting mosquitoes and black flies. And she still somehow had a smile on her face!

Charlotte, your love and commitment do not go unnoticed. The park staff is very grateful to work with you.

Sophie (she/her) and Carter (he/him)

Two Ontario Parks employees in front of the banner

This is Sophie’s first year working with the Park Ambassador program, ensuring new campers have a safe and successful camping trip.

She is part of the webinar team and hosts a two-part webinar series that informs participants what they need to know before visiting Ontario parks. Sophie believes the best part of being a park ambassador is interacting with the community and helping people have new experiences exploring all of Ontario’s beautiful and unique parks.

Carter also works on the Park Ambassador Program webinar team! She has been able to travel to beautiful provincial parks, meet new people and make connections through community outreach efforts.

Carter and Sophie have done a great job giving many presentations to hundreds of people!

A big thank you to all the student and youth staff who make our parks such special places to work and visit!