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Located in the lush boreal forest with open skies, Fushimi Lake Provincial Park definitely has a “northern feel.”

During the day, the horizons of Lake Fushimi look like prairie skies because they appear so wide. At night, the stars are so bright and so numerous that you will feel like you are in a snow globe.

The Fushimi Experience

Sandy shoreline overlooking the lake with blue skyLake Fushimi appears remote, although the large lake is accessible by road. The lake lies between the Great Claybelt and the lowlands of Hudson Bay, but contains the rocky Canadian Shield that appears on some of the islands and shoreline.

The lake itself is wide and dotted with islands. Rivers flow in and out of the lake, which is bordered by numerous sandy beaches accessible only by water.

Lake Fushimi is also the focal point of any visit to the park. Whether you’re looking to boat or paddle, fish or swim, the lake offers the ultimate camping experience.

camping in the countryside

The backcountry sites are close enough to the access point that you might even consider paddling back for coffee at the front door during your stay. All 12 sites have water access only (by canoe, kayak or motorboat).

At some sites, you’ll be on your own private island, with sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets that you just need to share with your group.

Three people at dusk around a campfire, one person is standing.

Each backcountry campsite has a fire pit, picnic table, and outhouse. All sites are clearly marked and have obvious places to set up your tent, as well as trees to tie your hammock and relax.

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park services

The small campsite in the park (only 50 campsites) has all the amenities:

  • Electrical sites, as well as non-electrical sites.
  • comfort station with showers and laundry facilities for post-course cleanup
  • Fish cleaning building with running water and plenty of work space.
  • access point including a boat launch and dock with plenty of parking

A single person paddleboards on a lake with some exposed vegetation near the shoreline

The park’s picnic and day-use area is located on the main sandy beach. The park rents kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and motor boats.

boat on the lake

Each camp is a perfect remote base camp from which you can enjoy any number of activities on Lake Fushimi.

Top Activities at Lake Fushimi

Boat on a sandy beach with a blue sky above

  • Explorer. The lake has many coves, bays and small rivers that flow into the boreal forest that surrounds the lake. Keep an eye out for wildlife!
  • Hiking. The Fire Tower Trail is accessible by boat or canoe on the north side of the lake. You can walk through the old house of the forest ranger whose job it was to be in the tower, look for smoke and warn firefighters about forest fires.
  • Fishing. Lake Fushimi offers anglers good walleye and pike fishing opportunities from a boat, canoe or kayak. Inshore fishing from remote backcountry camps and the surrounding coast also produces results.
  • Beaches. Land on one of the park’s seven sandy beaches and swim or have lunch on the shore with the fish you’ve caught.
  • Rowing. Lake Fushimi is part of the Valentine River system, and a short section east of the park can be paddled by portaging the rapids at the east end of Lake Fushimi. Note: Although Fushimi itself offers a remote experience, this route passes several lakes and stretches of river with cabins.

Book online!

Each site is available for online reservations and is site specific; Choose one of the 12 sites you want to camp at and reserve it!

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You can reserve your backcountry spot five months in advance. Lake Fushimi is open from May long weekend to September long weekend.