Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
smoked truck

Our friends at Leclerc know that camping isn’t camping without marshmallows.

The crackling of the fire and the sound of laughter from those embraced by the gentle warmth are in vain without a sticky s’more in hand.

Keep an eye out for your s’mores truck this summer!

Provide first-time campers with their first s’more

This year, Leclerc is providing support to the program and, of course, its exclusive Célébration cookies for our Learn to Camp program.

box of celebratory cookies and mashmallows

Each year our Learn to Camp team introduces thousands of people to the joys of camping. At the end of their first day, these first-time campers learn how to make a campfire, toast a marshmallow, and make the perfect s’mores.

These chocolate covered cookies are perfect for our Learn to Camp s’mores!

We really appreciate the support of partners like Leclerc in spreading the joy of camping!

Wait, there’s “more”!

Leclerc will also be sending his traveling s’mores food truck on a tour of the provincial park! If you haven’t tried a Célébration cookie s’more yet, stop by the park on one of these dates. You will not be disappointed!

Here is where you can see the Leclerc truck:

Parks: Dates:
Pinery Provincial Park July 27 – 28
Brontë Creek Provincial Park August 3 – 4
Wasaga Beach Provincial Park August 17 – 18
Peninsula Provincial Park August 31 – September 1

Be sure to stop by for more!

DIY s’mores

Can’t get to the parks listed? No problem! Making your own Célébration s’more is easy. Leclerc has several recipes online that you can follow.

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Ontario Parks thanks corporate partners like Leclerc for their support.