Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Ontario Park Ridges

Hello park lovers!

Are you ready to hit the road and collect park shields?

A unique shield for each park

cliffs monkey patchFor example, Mono Cliffs features its iconic boardwalk, cliffs, and unique cliff-dwelling species.

Each operating park has its own design, reflecting the identity of the park.

Designer Ulla Clark and Ontario Parks Marketing Specialists collaborated with staff across the province to create a special design for each provincial park.

We loved seeing the final designs, picking out the little nuances of our favorites.

Now that the whole set is ready, it’s fun to look at them side by side.

Not only can you find all of our park emblems on our reusable bags, but you can also find them on our puzzles, tea towels, Buff, and beach towels!

boy running with towel

Meet the designer

Ulla Clark has collaborated with Ontario Parks since 2015, designing their park merchandise collections and now their latest project Ontario Parks Crest. She has worked as a screen printer and freelance designer and illustrator since 2006 for LUprints.

Ulla was educated and worked in the forestry sector before changing careers, and has a deep love for nature and the environment, and it shows in her work!

Ulla spends as much time as possible outdoors, camping and exploring with her husband, a wildland firefighter, and their two daughters. She wants to pass on her family’s love for nature and how important it is to preserve it for future generations through provincial and national parks.

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“Working on this shield project with Ontario Parks has been the highlight of my career as a designer,” says Ulla. He hopes everyone enjoys collecting them through their Ontario Parks Passports!

Have you picked up your Ontario Parks Passport?

Shields will be available as stickers and can be added to your Passport – the perfect way to track your progress in Ontario Parks.

Available for purchase in park stores and online.

person putting sticker on passport

Missed a sticker from your recent park adventures? Stock up on our online store!

Questions about the new shields:

Are they available online?

Yeah! Shop our online store for all stickers, patches and merch items.

Are the shields available as stickers or on other products?

Yeah! Park shields are available in the following products:

person wearing buff

Will all parks have shields/merchandise in stock? What happens if you run out?

Each park orders its own supply of shields and shield products. We will do our best to make sure they are available when you visit, although availability may vary by park.

Check out this chart to see where you can get your favorite park badges:

Park Available for sale at:
Arrow Lake Provincial Park, Pigeon River Provincial Park, Silver Falls Provincial Park Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
Bathawana Bay Provincial Park Pancake Bay Provincial Park
Biscotasi Lake Provincial Park, Mississagi Provincial Park Chutes Provincial Park
Caliper Lake Provincial Park, Sioux Narrows Provincial Park Rushing River Provincial Park
Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Earl Rowe Provincial Park
John E. Pearce Provincial Park, Komoka Provincial Park, Port Bruce Provincial Park Port Burwell Provincial Park
Kap-Kip-Iwan Provincial Park, Tidewater Provincial Park Cape-Kig-Iwan **Out of stock** (crests only, no decals): City of Englehart, contact Alex Regele, 705-544-1952

tide (crests only, no stickers): Email request to: [email protected]

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, Makobe-Grays River Provincial Park, Obabika River Provincial Park, Solace Provincial Park, Sturgeon River Provincial Park Finlayson Point Provincial Park and Marten River Provincial Park
Mountain Lake Provincial Park, North Beach Provincial Park North Beach available at North Beach Provincial Park, lake in the mountain available at Sandbanks Provincial Park
MacLeod Provincial Park MacLeod Provincial Park
Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park Emily Provincial Park
Bahía Miseria Provincial Park Windy Lake Provincial Park
Ojibway Provincial Park Ojibway Provincial Park
Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
Ragged Falls Provincial Park Arrowhead Provincial Park
Pakwash Provincial Park Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
Baches Provincial Park Missinaibi Provincial Park, Lake Wakami Provincial Park, Chapleau Park Office
Springwater Provincial Park Bass Lake Provincial Park
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