Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

This summer’s OP125 celebrations include the creation of a 2018 time capsule!

And what better place to “bury” a time capsule than Ontario’s oldest provincial park?

Why a time capsule?

Throughout 2018, we celebrate the history, present and future of our provincial parks.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Time capsules inspire us to think about the future of the provincial parks system and provide an exciting way to communicate with people who will enjoy the parks 25 years from now.

What’s inside the time capsule?

We want to provide a snapshot of Ontario’s parks in 2018. We plan to include documents, letters, photographs, objects, memorabilia and digital files. Items will represent education, recreation, protection and science.

The time capsule is a rectangular stainless steel unit (about the size of two shoe boxes put together) designed to withstand the test of time.

Image of eight people at a campsite, posing together and giving a thumbs upSibbald Point Provincial Park

The contents will be prepared with archival quality materials for optimal conservation.

Stay tuned to social media for a chance to tell us what you I think it should go in the time capsule. Then, attend the event to sign the guestbook and write a message to Ontario’s parks enthusiasts of the future.

Where will the time capsule be “buried”?

The time capsule will be placed on the floor of the Algonquin Visitor Center in the main entrance area. In 25 years, it will open to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Ontario Parks.

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Entrance with ramp that says Algonquin Visitor Center, next to a plaque mounted on a rock

Be part of the history!

Join us at the Algonquin Provincial Park Visitor Center at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, August 22 for:

  • attend the time capsule ceremony
  • sign a guest book that will be included in the time capsule
  • enjoy live music from David Archibald
  • visit interactive and attractive stands

Be part of history in the making! Everyone is welcome to attend this exciting event.

Book your campsite now and take a trip!