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Our Ontario Parks Family RV Vacation

Today’s post comes from Mary, the mom behind Flying Couponer. Mary and her family were the first of six content creators invited to document and share their RV experience at Ontario Parks in a custom RV as part of this year’s OP125 celebrations.

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore Ontario’s parks, traveling in an RV is a great way to do it. In my opinion, it’s the best way to experience everything the provincial parks have to offer.

It’s like taking your home with you and stopping wherever you want at any time. It is an absolutely unique way to tour and discover Ontario. With so many parks and campgrounds to choose from, Ontario will surprise you time and time again.

This is exactly what happened to us when we traveled to several provincial parks in this fabulous RV. We were amazed by the beauty and character that makes each park so unique.

Ontario Parks wrapped RV parked outside RV rental location

It all started when we were invited to participate in the Ontario Parks 125th Anniversary Celebration. We were chosen among other amazing travel writers to visit the incredibly beautiful landscapes of our province by driving a custom motorhome on a predetermined route.

Algonquin Provincial Park

We began our RV adventure exploring Algonquin Provincial Park on August 22, 2018. We were very excited to make history by attending the OP125 Time Capsule Ceremony at the Algonquin Provincial Park Visitor Center. Did you know Algonquin is the oldest provincial park in Ontario?

Algonquin Provincial Park tabloid, braided sweet grass and other items inside the time capsuleSome of the objects buried in the OP125 time capsule

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Our first night in the RV in Algonquin was a lot of fun. We made a lot of new friends who were milling around the RV, curious to know who we were. In fact, we met some of my readers along the way who were following our adventure on social media. How fun is that?!

Panoramic photo of the forest landscape on a cloudy day.View from the Algonquin Park Visitor Center Overlook

That night we finally understood how the RV’s two electrical systems work and what they power. I was beyond excited to finally be able to charge my phone.

Oxtongue River – Ragged Falls Provincial Park

On the second day, we drove to Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park, which is very close to Algonquin Provincial Park. We spent a few hours walking and being mesmerized by the falls.

The view was stunning and the sound of the water relaxing! The falls are one of the top 10 waterfalls in Ontario! There are no overnight camping facilities in this park, so that afternoon we headed to our next destination, Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Arrowhead Provincial Park

When we arrived, I noticed right away that our campsite was covered in perfectly soft, golden sand. We enjoyed swimming that night and canoeing the next morning.

View from the front of the bridge canoe over a river with forest on both sides

The canoe ride was the highlight of the day. The views were stunning and it was a lot of fun. The sandy beaches were absolutely clean and beautiful. We also took our first shower in the motorhome, with cold water. Ha ha, it’s best to turn on the water heater before getting in the shower. Lesson learned.

Man at RV stop with wrapped RV

The next morning we made our first stop to fill the water tank and empty the waste tank. It almost seemed like we’d done this before. It was really easy to do.

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Restoule Provincial Park

We saw lots of deer, turtles, and friendly chipmunks while we were in Restoule Provincial Park. Our site was surrounded by a stunning maple forest. It was very quiet and private.

We spent the afternoon hiking the Rangers Point Trail and relaxing at the spectacular waterfront picnic sites in front of Stormy Lake Bluff and the historic Fire Tower. It was so beautiful and absolutely peaceful.

View from behind of two people cycling on a trail in the forest

We also enjoyed biking around the park with the amazing Giant mountain bikes available to rent at the park.

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park

Six Mile Lake is known for recreational boating and fishing. So we only did that. We fished from the dock and all caught several fish (which the kids released back into the water).

A man and two children fishing on a dock on a lake surrounded by trees

We also fish directly off parts of the beaches. It was fun!

Later, we had a great time hiking the Living Edge Trail at Six Mile Lake and saw beaver lodges in wetland areas along the way. The view was spectacular and the air was filled with a wonderful pine smell. Without a doubt a day to remember.

Beaver house on the pondBeaver housing along Living Edge Trail

We definitely didn’t want this trip to end. We had so much fun during our RV trip through the provincial parks that the kids literally had a minor meltdown on the last day. This is how we enjoyed the RV and visited these parks.

We have no choice but to go back and explore a little more. There are still so many things we didn’t have time to do. We are all very excited to plan our next trip to more provincial parks. See you soon!

About me: I’m Mary, the mom behind The Flying Couponer. I have two beautiful daughters and a loving husband who always supports all my great ideas, good or not. Ah! They are my world and I couldn’t be more proud of them!

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