Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Prevent bears from eating your food

Good news, campers! Our parks are implementing new ways to deter bears and other wild creatures from stealing your dinner.

Read about which parks offer bear-resistant storage containers and how you can use them during your trips.

Frontenac Provincial Park

Frontenac Food Storage LockerOne of the storage lockers at Little Clear Lake.

Frontenac just installed food lockers at each of the 48 campsites, and campers have already mentioned how much they love them!

Each locker is identified with the corresponding campsite number (do not use another camper’s food locker), which must be kept clean for subsequent users. You should always remove all food and debris when leaving your site.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

View from the head of the Sleeping GiantView from the head of the Sleeping Giant
sleepinggiantbearlockerThe Sawyer Bay Food Locker

In 2010, Sleeping Giant installed storage lockers at three of its dedicated backcountry campsites (two in Tee Harbour, one in Lehtinen’s Bay and one in Sawyer Bay) to keep campers’ food dry and safe.

These multi-compartment stainless steel lockers are mounted on an 800-pound concrete base to ensure no animals steal your tasty snacks. They were designed not to be too conspicuous, so that their presence does not affect the experience of spending a night in the pristine countryside.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park


Grundy Lake Bear Resistant Food LockerThe storage lockers at Grundy Lake were intended for visitors who did not have a trunk, such as Park Bus riders, motorcyclists or campers.

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Grundy has a locker located at each of the park’s nine canoe sites.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Food Storage Locker at Mew Lake CampgroundFood Storage Locker at Mew Lake Campground

Algonquin has storage lockers at Pog Lake, Kearney Lake, Lake of Two Rivers and Mew Lake campgrounds.

Although bears can still smell any food in these containers, they cannot access it and therefore will not be rewarded with human food. As a result, they are less likely to continue returning to camp. These lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are especially useful for Park Bus riders and motorcycle adventurers.

Massasauga Provincial Park

Massasauga Food Storage Container

All campgrounds in Massasauga’s Blackstone Harbor and Captain Allen Strait have bear bins and more will be added soon. The total number will be just over 60 containers across the 100 campsites served by Pete’s Place.

Missinaibi Provincial Park

Missinaibi was one of the first parks in the Northeast Zone to offer storage lockers. They are permanently installed in several campsites and some in central locations.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Food Storage Locker at Rabbit Blanket LakeFood Storage Locker at Rabbit Blanket Lake

Lake Superior will also implement food storage lockers. There are currently two installed, one in Agawa Bay and another in Rabbit Blanket Lake. Stay tuned for more information on more storage lockers along the Coastal Trail this season.

Do not forget…

Containers prevent bears from taking your food, but you should still maintain a clean campsite. A bear’s excellent sense of smell will still lead him to a messy campsite, no matter how safe his food is.