Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
Reforestation: round "brew"

Last year, we collaborated with our friends at Collective Arts Brewing to put together a tasty eco-reforestation project for Balsam Lake Provincial Park.

Thanks to your unwavering support, we are thrilled to announce that we are back with Collective Arts to introduce their new beer: Trail Loop Honey Lager!

Read on to learn how Ontario’s parks and collective arts are going artisanal this summer.

We’ve made great strides this past year, but our work isn’t done yet!

At Ontario Parks, we are committed to building resilience in the wild spaces we love. Our friends at Collective Arts share this philosophy.

Together, we are entering our second year tackling a forest restoration project at Balsam Lake!

Like many provincial parks in southern Ontario, the forests of Balsam Lake have been affected by the recent arrival of the emerald ash borer.

Traces of the emerald ash borerA park ecologist shows the damage the emerald ash borer causes to our ash trees

Since its first detection in the Greater Toronto Area in 2007, this invasive species has killed millions of ash trees in Ontario, threatening natural habitats and forest health.

Working with the Collective Arts team, we have initiated a reforestation project at Balsam Lake to restore this beautiful park and its important ecosystem.

group of staff and volunteers with shovels and small trees

But our battle against invasive species at Balsam Lake is not over yet!

To continue helping this forest heal and build resilience, we will be:

  • Park staff holding a baby tree and a shovelremove additional invasive species, such as Scots pine and buckthorn, that are harming the overall health of the ecosystem by competing with native species for growing space and nutrients.
  • inoculate healthy black ash trees to protect against emerald ash borer
  • plant more native tree species, such as white birch, white cedar and white spruce, to fill gaps left by ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer.
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By the end of this project, our goal is to have planted up to 1,000 trees in Balsam Lake Provincial Park.

How does a new beer contribute to reforestation?

Big problems can be solved through creativity and community. It is no coincidence that Collective Arts was founded on those principles.

Your new beer, trail loop, will continue to fund this critical forest restoration work. Proceeds from each can sold will be donated to the Balsam Lake project.

Inspired by the natural beauty of Ontario’s provincial parks, Trail Loop uses locally sourced honey and hops. This sweet, smooth beer is perfect for drinking on the patio, balcony, or couch.

Toronto artist Gosia Komorski has a personal connection to Balsam Lake, which compels her to create art using local species like the northern leopard frog and the stylized round-headed clover in last year’s design.

can on the tree

He’s back to lend his talents to Trail Loop, adorning the can with trilliums, thistles, bees and other stunning native plants found in our beautiful province.

Let’s raise a cold one for our forests this summer!

Trail Loop will appear at The Beer Store and select grocery stores across the province, at Collective Arts breweries (Hamilton and downtown Toronto), and through the Collective Arts website.

Every purchase helps our park!

people with shovels, digging holes and planting small seedlingsBalsam Lake Staff Partners with Collective Arts to Plant New Trees!

We can’t think of an easier way to support the health and resilience of our wild spaces than purchasing a refreshing beverage from a local brewery. And we’re thrilled to be part of a creative local partnership that takes an important step toward creating an ecologically sustainable and healthy future for our parks.

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Staff smile while planting seedlingsRemember: humans are not separate from nature; We are part of the savagery of our world.

While we have contributed to many of the current challenges facing our natural spaces, we can also act as ecological stewards, helping our parks and other natural spaces to thrive for years to come.

Learn steps you can take when visiting parks and in your own yard to stop the spread of invasive species!

Looking to hit the road in style?

Collective Arts has created a baseball cap and bottle of Nalgene Based on Trail Loop design.

50% of the profits from both the hat and the Nalgene bottle will be donated to Balsam Lake reforestation efforts!

While Trail Loop is available at locations across the province, this product is available for purchase exclusively on the Collective Arts site!

Logo for Collective Arts.  Double line letter C with a star and the word "creativity"A sincere thank you to our partner. Collective Arts is a craft brewing and distilling company with facilities in Hamilton and Toronto. Collective Arts is committed to ensuring its products are as diverse and creative as the artists profiled through the packaging and promotion of these drinks.

Friendly (but important) reminder: If you plan to take the Trail Loop to a provincial park, please note that alcohol is not allowed on trails, beaches, or anywhere else other than your registered campsite.