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RV Trends for 2021 from the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association

In today’s post, our friends at the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association share their insights on the latest RV trends and invite you to the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show (a free online event).

Many industries have been affected during the pandemic, but the Canadian RV and camping industry was an exception.

More and more consumers, unable to embark on their traditional spring and summer vacations, turned to the RV lifestyle as an alternative way to safely spend their free time away from home.

The ability to take your bedroom, bathroom, shower, and kitchen with you eliminated many safety concerns and led a large number of buyers to enter the RV lifestyle for the first time.

people in front of the mobile home

The assurance that your mobile living space is safe for your family proved to be an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining physical distancing.

We encourage everyone to do their part to minimize the risk to ourselves and others by ensuring we follow all public health advice.

The biggest surprise for us was how strong the desire to travel obviously is for so many people.

Since airplanes, cruise ships, and hotels typically require shared spaces and close interactions with strangers, concerns about personal safety have led more people than ever to travel in RVs.

RV at a campsite

According to a 2018 report from the Canadian RV Association and the RVDA of Canada, there are just over 2.1 million households in Canada (approximately 15%) with a motorhome of their own. This is slightly higher than, but in line with, the 13% to 14% of previous studies (2012 and 2005).

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With RV shipments in North America expected to surpass 500,000 units in 2021, this statistic is sure to increase.

So what trends can we expect to see?

Off-Grid Recreational Vehicles

We expect the RV industry will look to make “greener” units that give consumers more ability to “go off the grid,” a term that refers to the need to connect to services, whether electric or water. Solar panels are more popular today and are becoming more affordable to purchase.

Traveling workplace

Now that more companies see the benefits of a remote workforce, many believe people will see an RV as an ideal way to travel while working.

Quetico RV in Park Roads

There will be a greater demand for RVs with a workspace or flex space, and for people who will renovate them to suit their needs.

RV manufacturers will (hopefully) recognize the need to create new floor plans and improved designs to serve this rapidly growing market segment.

Retain first-time buyers

The challenge for the RV and camping industry, while daunting, is ensuring that first-time buyers are not one-time buyers.

Man pumping RV at trailer sanitary station in Bon Echo

Together, RV dealers, manufacturers and campgrounds are working to increase consumer education at all levels of our industries, whether during the initial tour, service and technical support, learning all about RVs and styling. of recreational vehicle life, or enjoying the camping experience with family and friends.

RV Rental

We also saw a huge increase in RV rental demand for consumers looking at the RV lifestyle for the first time.

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We suspect this will remain very strong for the foreseeable future and will be a huge growth area.

Continued popularity among pet owners

Three-quarters (76%) of RV owners have pets, significantly more than Canadians overall (58%). Dogs are the most common, while cats are a distant second.

campers and dog by a campfire, with a motor home in the background

Emphasizing that a pet-friendly RV has the potential to appeal to a large subset of vacationers looking for recreational living options, such as hotels and resorts, that are not always pet-friendly.

Do you dream of the RV lifestyle?

We don’t expect the growing interest in RVs to go away anytime soon. Many people who have never traveled in RVs before may now choose them as their primary form of vacation.

But buying or renting an RV for the first time can be a daunting task.

We encourage you to attend the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show, which has gone virtual: February 25-28, 2021.

Spring Camping and RV Show Banner, February 25-28, Online Event

Registration is free!

The show is a great opportunity to:

  • chat online with RV dealers at the show
  • virtually explore and “visit” campsites
  • shop for RV parts and accessories online at Great Canadian RV Superstore
  • take advantage of special offers
  • Learn about the RV lifestyle and attend virtual seminars

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