Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Has one of our park staff ever made your day? You know: have you gone to that extra patio to make your vacation much more pleasant?

If this has happened to you, chances are it involved one of the more than 1,500 students we hire each summer.

And we would love to have your help in providing them with well-deserved recognition and support.

The soul of our provincial parks

Our provincial parks simply could not function without summer workers.

A staff member who helps with the learn to fish program.

The front door staff will greet you with a smile and provide reassuring directions. Maintenance staff stays on top of park signage, paths, and paints picnic tables. Rangers maintain camps in the wilderness and make sure everyone follows the rules.

summer students cutting grass

Their duties range from routine tasks such as cleaning toilets and mowing grass to finding lost children and providing life-saving first aid.

Our student scholarship program

If one of our student workers made your stay at a park a little better, there’s a way to show your appreciation!

Submit a nomination for an Ontario Parks Partner Scholarship!

scholarship and winners ceremony collage

Each year, our amazing partners donate up to 40 scholarships of $500 each to support deserving student employees continuing their post-secondary education.

Nominations are received from parks across the province and are awarded in the fall. See last year’s winners here.

How to nominate a student

Do you know a student who constantly goes the extra mile to brighten your day?

Stop by the park office and request a student scholarship nomination form.

Please explain how our staff member has provided excellent customer service and made your day. Complete the nomination form and submit it to the park superintendent or office manager by Labor Day.

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It’s a great way to say thank you!

Many thanks to our scholarship program partners including Coleman Canada, Bush’s Beans, Pepsi, Wayfarer, ZIP, Friends of Sandbanks, Friends of Rushing River and Mark’s. Our scholarship program would not be possible without your support!