Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Snow sleuths winter tracking
Winter monitoring of snow detectives

Our naturalists don’t hibernate during the winter and have spotted some pretty clear creature tracks in the snow.

When you’re investigating snow on your own, try these winter tracking tips.

We invite you to test your wildlife identification skills!

So tell us, snow detectives: who left these footprints?

Well, #SnowDetectives: It’s time to think outside the box. What winter critter left this long skid mark?

snow slide

Yeah! This is…

…to OTTERBelly slides!

These tracks are a familiar sight to many of our naturalists. Can you identify them?

familiar clues

Yeah! These are…

WHITE-FOOT HARE fingerprints!

Snowshoe hares are secretive, nocturnal, and well camouflaged. Surprisingly, their summer brown fur changes to white during the winter. It’s hard to see a white hare against the snow, but its distinctive tracks give it away clearly!

How about these Algonquin Provincial Park trails?

tracks through the snow

You’re right, detectives! Those are the traces of…

…a Frilled Grouse!

Seen in Bronte Creek Provincial Park:



Although they were found near a known opossum burrow, our naturalists believe they are actually…

Do you see any unknown clues on your winter adventures? Send us a tweet with the hashtag #AskanOPNaturalist and we will try to identify them for you!