Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Snow Throwing Tips

No, we don’t mean snowballs…

…we’re talking winter disc golf at Bronte Creek Provincial Park!

Playing disc golf in the winter is a great way to burn off cabin fever.

Do you want to see a GTA course?

Bronte Creek is conveniently located just north of QEW/403 between Oakville and Burlington.

disc golf course in winter

Open year-round, the park’s 18-hole course tends to be less crowded in winter. Practicing during the snow season will definitely improve your skills and give you a competitive advantage come summer!

Preparing for a day on the course

Only use discs that you are willing to lose. Use bright, colorful discs, avoiding white ones. Opt for discs made from softer plastics (rigid plastics don’t stand a chance against a tree in cold temperatures).

disk in the snow

Pre-chill your discs by storing your bag in the garage or trunk of your car the night before playing. Hot discs can accumulate snow that is difficult to clean.

Throw out a couple of old hand towels to clean the discs and hands. Dress in layers. Big, bulky coats make it difficult to throw and you will quickly overheat.

Protect your hands. Use a mitten with a hand warmer on your throwing hand and a good winter glove on your non-throwing hand.

boots in the snow

Wear winter boots in deep snow. Put duct tape around the top to keep the snow out!

Stretching is still important in winter. Warm, cool and stay hydrated (yes, even in winter). Watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia.

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Take it from the professionals:

Use a sled to drag your bag across the countryside. This will help keep your equipment dry and clean.

Disc golf bag with ribbons attached to the discs.

Use flashing LED lights or tape attached to your drive to make them easier to find (don’t worry about how they might influence the drive; after all, it’s not the OPDGC).

Choose to take short or safe shots. It’s easier to keep an eye on where the puck lands.

winter disc golf label

The first one out after a snowfall? Be prepared to clear the tees. This means bringing a shovel and broom.

Follow the beaten path. Don’t wander around the fairways and greens. The tracks make it difficult to find a disc in the snow.

Go to Bronte Creek today!

The disc golf course is located on the day-use only (Burloak) side of the park between parking lots D and F. Hole one is closest to parking lot F.

disc golf sign

Park hours in the winter months are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.

A valid permit is required to park vehicles. The best value is to purchase the Ontario Parks Annual Vehicle Permit.

disc golf tee

Course use is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The course is maintained by the dedicated volunteers of the Bronte Creek Disc Golf Club in partnership with Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Ready to give it a spin?