Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Take the 30x30 Challenge this August!

Today’s post comes from Sarah McMichael, Healthy People Coordinator for Healthy Parks Ontario.

We all know that fresh air is good for us, right?

Spending time in nature has been shown to lead to better sleep, higher productivity, lower stress, higher self-esteem, better mood, lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, and a lower risk of diabetes. and heart attack. The research is clear: spending time in nature improves our physical, mental and social well-being.

Imagine how much your health and happiness could improve if you spent quality time outdoors every day for an entire month. This is what the 30×30 Challenge is all about. Sounds like a great way to be healthy!

Investigating 30×30

The older couple sits on a bench at the watchtower

We now have the science to back that up! Researchers at Trent University surveyed participants in last year’s 30×30 Challenge to learn more about the benefits of contact with nature. The study taught us a lot about park users and how time in nature benefits their health.

To begin with, those who signed up for the 30×30 Challenge were already users of the park. The participants were active people, lovers of the outdoors and who were already very connected to nature.

Even these dedicated nature lovers experienced significant health benefits from completing the 30×30 Challenge. The perceived health of those who participated in the challenge improved throughout the month. Negative emotions decreased and vitality increased. Joining the challenge of nature was an encouragement for the participants.

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Family walking on the beach

Email and Internet use decreased significantly during the challenge, even though users spent the same amount of time outside as before. Spending time in nature every day also increased participants’ already strong connection to nature.

Simply put, the more time someone spends in nature, the more their well-being improves. Now we know for sure: the 30×30 Challenge is good for you!

How to accept the challenge

Riding a bike on a trail

Committing to the challenge is very easy!

To participate, simply make the effort to spend 30 minutes outdoors in a quality green space every day for 30 days. It could be a forest, a beach, a trail or a park, of course!

Spending 30 minutes outdoors can be easy. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do during August. You can watch the sunrise, paddle on a lake, or take a guided hike. Experience incredible landscapes and be inspired by the stunning views of Ontario parks. Or just take a moment to relax, breathe, and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors for your brain and body.

The woman and the baby are lying in wait

It takes at least 21 days to turn something into a habit. By accepting the 30×30 Challenge, you are taking the first step towards making nature a regular part of your life.

The challenge allows you to commit to improving outdoor health and reconnecting with the beautiful environment around us.

What are you waiting for?

Couple relaxing in park chairsThe 30×30 Challenge starts August 1! You can document your 30×30 trip in TwitterFacebook and Instagram sharing your photos and stories with #30x30Challenge.

This August let’s get healthy!