Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
The Best Parks to Launch Your Boat in Southeastern Ontario

Ready to get out on the water, but not sure what the best places to boat are?

Check out these five water hotspots in southeastern Ontario that could be your gateway to exploring new waterways.

1. Balsam Lake Provincial Park

The boat launch at Balsam Lake takes you directly to (you guessed it) Balsam Lake. If you’re looking for a fishing trip, Balsam Lake offers good fishing for walleyes, muskelunges, and large and small mouth bass.

Spring spring, clear skies.  balsam lake

Or if you fancy a longer trip, Balsam Lake could be your starting point for exploring the Trent-Severn Canal. Balsam Lake also has boat trailer parking available.

2. Lake Charleston Provincial Park

Whether you’re boating for a day trip or cruising to an inland campground, Charleston Lake makes it easy to get your boat out on the water.

The lake offers excellent opportunities for fishing, sightseeing, water skiing and other boating activities.

3. Emily Provincial Park

Launch points at Emily will take you to the Pigeon River, at the southern end of the Trent Severn Canal.

north beach

And since there are two launches on Emily, the time it takes to get into the water is likely to be minimal.

South Beach

4. Murphy’s Point Provincial Park

Murphys Point is located on Big Rideau Lake, part of the historic Rideau Waterway. The boat launch in the park provides access to Big Rideau Lake next to the entrance to Hogg Bay.

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Ready to explore? Pass through Narrows Locks to Upper Rideau Lake for a trip to Westport, or through Beveridges Locks for a long trip to Perth.

5. Sibbald Point Provincial Park

The boat launch at Sibbald Point takes you directly to Lake Simcoe. Because of its size, Lake Simcoe is an ideal place for boating and motorboating.

Enjoy wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing or just strolling around the lake. Campers and day visitors can use the boat launch and dock temporarily or overnight.

Reserve your spot in advance!

Did you know you can book a daily vehicle permit in advance at Balsam Lake Provincial Park, Murphys Point Provincial Park, and Sibbald Point Provincial Park?

Reservations can be made online (here’s a tutorial on how to book, including how to use your seasonal permit).

**Sibbald Point Navigators! Don’t forget to reserve your daily permit in advance specifically for your boat launch. They tend to fill up, especially on weekends!

Stay safe

Check that you have all the safety equipment required by law for your vessel and that its size is on board and in good working order.

Need a security refresher? We have a great list of safety tips here.

Prevent the spread of invasive species

Always inspect your boat when removing it from the water. Zebra and quagga mussels can attach to your boat and be transported to the next body of water you visit.

Truck putting a fishing boat into the water at the jetty.

Always drain livewell and bilge water before leaving a body of water.

Some aquatic species can survive up to two weeks out of water!

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Have fun in the water!