Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Nothing is more inspiring than a person with a true passion for nature.

Tobi Kiesewalter is one of those people. She puts her passion into working as a Natural Heritage Education leader at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

Tobi has been a valued member of the Ontario Parks family for 22 years. Now, we are proud to announce that she has received the Great Lakes Region Master Interpretive Manager Award from the National Interpretive Association.

Innovative programming

Tobi oversees educational programming at Murphys Point. She helped pioneer visitor favorites such as Heritage Mica Days.

Tobi was happy to pass on his passion for our heritage to the next generation with the Archeo Apprentice program. This Friends of Murphys Point Park program allowed fifth grade students to work alongside professional archaeologists.

This program was a fantastic opportunity for children to gain practical experience in archeology and develop an enthusiasm for cultural heritage.

star character

Tobi is known for his character throughout the Murphys Point staff.

One colleague in particular was moved by Tobi’s talent, dedication and support.

“Tobi has been the most influential mentor in my acting career. He gently helped me overcome my insecurities and knew when to let me “figure it out on my own.” He allowed me self-direction and creativity, but he participated in my work through insightful feedback based on the principles of NAI interpretive theory.”

Tobi showing a gray rat snake to two people.Tobi presents visitors with a gray rat snake

“His enthusiasm is contagious. He is a leader and pioneer in interpretation within our Ontario Parks organization, a creative and hard-working innovator.”

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A master of environmentalism

Tobi’s enthusiasm may be the secret to his excellence in natural resource management.

Tobi holding a recorderThanks for all your contributions over the years, Tobi!

He was responsible for the initiation and coordination of the gray rat snake telemetry and monitoring project. He also coordinates the removal of invasive plants in the park.

Tobi was also a member of the Ontario Parks Natural Heritage Education Review Committee. Through this, she has helped expand numerous interpretive programs for parks across the province.

One of those many expansions includes helping to coordinate the Ontario Parks Discovery Program pilot program.

The Discovery Program encourages families to explore the parks’ natural and cultural features. This important program uses a different approach than traditional interpretive programs to engage families in our collective heritage.

All of these incredible achievements are what make us proud to see Tobi win this prestigious award and continue to have him on our team.

Next time you see Tobi in Murphys Point, be sure to thank him for all his help in improving the environment, his coworkers, and you have a fantastic experience in Ontario parks.

Congratulations Tobi!