Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Turtles love water (bottles!) - Parks Blog

What do turtles and reusable water bottles have in common? More than you imagine.

Turtles need our help and we’ve teamed up with our friends at Chilly Moose (and their reusable bottles) to help meet the challenge.

A dip for the turtles

We take our role in protecting nature seriously. Our Turtle Protection Project is raising funds for important turtle research and protection projects in provincial parks.

Northern Map Turtle on log over water

A big problem needs big solutions, and that’s where Chilly Moose comes into play. They believe that reusable drinks are great for the planet and for turtles.

Designed to fit your lifestyle

Wherever your next adventure takes you, whether in the field or back to the office, Chilly Moose’s Turtle Protection collection has you covered!

The Chilly Moose 14 oz Sports Bottle in bright orange is ready for a hike through fall colors, and its leak-proof seal promises to keep your gear dry so you can focus on the view.

A sturdy reusable bottle with a black lid and orange body, adorned with the Ontario Parks logo.

Pack your next meal in style with the 16 oz (473 ml) Wide Mouth Insulated Container. With its durable double-wall design, this container makes multitasking a breeze: keeping your lunch warm while helping save Ontario’s turtles.

A teal food thermos with a black lid and base.

Chilly Moose Ontario Parks Classic Turtle Bottles are double walled and stainless steel. They hold 25 oz (740 ml) of your favorite hot or cold beverage and are BPA and toxin free.

Chilly Moose Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Ontario Parks Logo in the Snow

They look great too, with the Ontario Parks logo and a special turtle icon etched directly into the bottle.

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And best of all, Chilly Moose is “forwarding” the net profits from each of these products sold to the Turtle Protection Project.

A project to protect

All eight of Ontario’s turtle species are now at risk.

Habitat loss, predators and too many interactions with vehicles are causing turtles to disappear from Ontario landscapes.

The Turtle Project will allow us to do more to help turtles.

Snapping turtle peeking out of the water in Awenda Park

To start, we will organize and conduct larger research in provincial parks to learn more about turtles and how to best protect them.

And we’re going to create more on-the-ground solutions like nest covers and wildlife crossings to help reduce threats from predators and vehicle encounters.

Moisturizes and helps

Kristi Greco, co-founder of Chilly Moose, says the Ontario-based company is pleased to support the Turtle Protection Project. “Our love of protected parks, the outdoors and the species that call Ontario home, including turtles, fuels our desire to protect them all.”

We think hydration and turtle protection are a winning combination!

Donations from individuals and partners like Chilly Moose Help us do even more to keep our parks (and their feathered, furry, scaly, and shelled inhabitants) safe, healthy, and protected. Thank you partners!