Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Water Safety at Bon Echo

The famous Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo Provincial Park attracts tons of visitors every year.

We love seeing our visitors enjoy beginner canoe tours or swimming at Lakes Joeperry and Mazinaw, however, we want you to participate in water activities safely.

Here are some precautions to ensure you explore Bon Echo safely:

Follow park rules, especially at Mazinaw Rock

Cliff jumping is not allowed. It is very dangerous and can cause serious injury or worse.

mazina rock

Cliff jumping is against park rules, including jumping at Mazinaw Rock, and can result in hefty fines.

How do I get to the rock?

Swimming is not the way! Rent a canoe or bring your own. Don’t forget to wear a PFD.

If you rent from our canoe dealership, your rental includes PFD and a safety kit.

Please note that the interpretive boat tour is not available this season.

Stay safe in the Narrows

The Narrows is a busy place for boat traffic.

Review boating regulations before even thinking about getting on your boat. The maximum speed limit within a 30 m radius of the coast is 10 km/h.


Fishing and swimming are prohibited in the Narrows due to boat traffic. Please obey the signs.

Tips for canoeists and kayakers

We can’t emphasize this enough: pay attention to water and weather conditions, especially on Lake Mazinaw.

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The lake may be calm on the south side and windy on the north side, or vice versa. Stop and check conditions before venturing out and discovering the water is too rough.

Do you need to be at the pier?

Use our boat launches only if you have a boat to launch.

boat launch

Swimming is not allowed (or safe) at the piers. Do not block the area to boaters, as they need space to launch and remove their boats.

Hello swimmers!

Please note that it is your responsibility to supervise yourself, your children, and your non-swimming friends.

Wear a life jacket (especially if you are not a strong swimmer); It looks good on you and can be a lifesaver!


Alcohol is only allowed on registered campsites, neither on the boats nor on the beach.

Boaters, canoeists and kayakers: Please stay out of designated swimming areas for safety reasons.

Learn more about water safety in Ontario parks!