Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Welcoming home the Wakami Wailers

As part of Ontario Parks’ 125th anniversary celebrations, we are very excited to announce a concert tour with our very own Wakami Wailers.

The Wakami Wailers are long-time camper favorites, but many fans don’t realize that the band met while working at Lake Wakami Provincial Park in 1981.

Canoe on the lakeLake Wakami – definitely a place to find creative inspiration!

The band is made up of four members: Mark Despault, Rob Hollett, Mark Bernier and Jeff Allen. Since 1981 they have produced four albums and the most recent (One two three four) will be released this year, just in time for OP125!

One, two, three…oven

According to Mark Despault, “the songs from the Wakami Wailers’ new album One two three four They cover a variety of topics, from the legacy of JR Booth and his impact on what is now Algonquin Provincial Park, to the story of the schooner HMS Speedy that sank in a storm off the shores of Presqu’ile Bay. .

One two three four It has been more than four years in the making and is the first release in almost twenty years by the Wakami Wailers. Mark and his bandmates are really excited to share the new music with their fans.

“We’ll be playing a lot of old favorites, along with songs from our new album,” says Mark.

Hit the road

More than thirty years ago, the Wakami Wailers embarked on their first major tour of Ontario. The band traveled for two months and made it as far west as Rushing River Provincial Park.

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Wakami Wailers

According to Mark Despault, “It was our first real look at some of the northern parks and communities.” The group couldn’t be more excited to be back on tour this July.

Concert tour dates

Four people, backlit, with instruments, standing on a beach.

This 1984 photograph was found in the Neys Provincial Park archives and, according to Mark, was taken during an impromptu stop on his summer tour.

“We weren’t scheduled to play in Neys, but we had a day off between shows. So we parked our motorhome there for the night and performed.”

Check out his music

You can find their music on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Check them out and join us at one of the park’s concerts this summer.

We look forward to singing with you!