Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
What it's like to be a maintenance worker

Have you ever relaxed at a new picnic table? Did you throw your trash in an empty trash container? Strolling along a newly repaired boardwalk?

Thank a maintenance worker.

Our dedicated team of maintenance staff work hard to keep our parks in top condition, so our visitors can relax and enjoy their vacation.

Here are six things they would like you to know about job maintenance:

1. Your work is diverse

Maintenance workers leave their mark on everything from well-stocked firewood to a finely flushing toilet and a perfectly prepared fire pit.

Staff member unloading firewood.

They are experts in all trades. They complete many tasks that are critical to park operations.

You can find them building, painting, digging or repairing. They cut grass, collect trash and unclog toilets. In summer they maintain trails. In winter they remove the snow.

They do it all with a smile and a keen eye to give our visitors an amazing experience at the park.

2. It’s not magic, just maintenance

Sometimes it can seem like our staff are magicians.

Invisible to the average visitor, they wave their wands and leave everything perfectly spotless.

Maintenance staff cleaning the barbecue.

While it may seem like magic, it is actually hard work.

There is a lot of maintenance work behind the scenes that our campers don’t get to see.

Tasks such as removing hazardous trees, clearing campgrounds, replacing park signs, keeping vehicles in top condition, and many others are performed year-round.

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And all that on top of daily maintenance!

3. The park is big (no, really!)

Our maintenance workers are a small team in a big park. They need to cover a lot of ground.

Maintenance worker on a UTV.

Keeping everything in good condition in such a large area is a huge job. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure every inch of the park is spotless.

For example, if you see a full trash can, it’s not because our staff isn’t working hard. They are probably in another area of ​​the park and will return later that day to empty it.

That’s why it’s so important that our visitors dispose of their trash properly.

If you see a problem with maintenance at the park, call a staff member and let them know.

4. Maintenance never sleeps

Millions of people visit our parks. Inevitably things break.

Maintenance worker fixing spring.

Emergency repairs pop up all the time. There is almost always something under repair or waiting to be repaired.

Our staff makes every effort to resolve these issues quickly. If something is delayed, please know that they are working hard to get the facility up and running for our visitors.

We understand it’s an inconvenience, but it’s a natural part of visiting a busy park.

5. Cleaning never sleeps either

Cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance staff’s daily work.

Comfort station entrance with closed sign.

They strive to keep the beaches, trails and comfort stations spotlessly clean at all times, but it is an ongoing task.

A freshly cleaned bathroom can be immediately tarnished by a careless visitor. Dirty facilities can ruin the experience for other visitors, so we ask that you do your part by practicing bathroom etiquette.

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Next time you’re at a comfort station, remember that it’s a shared space. Please be kind and considerate.

6. They are here to help

“Park wave” anyone?

There’s a reason our maintenance staff is known for their friendliness. That wave from a passing vehicle is just one way they show how much they care about our customers.

Three park employees waving from lawnmowers.

It’s hard and demanding work, but helping visitors have an amazing vacation is very rewarding.

Seeing your big smiles makes it all worth it.

The next time you see a maintenance worker, let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.