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Why donate to Ontario parks?

Did you know that only a small portion of Ontario Parks’ budget comes from provincial taxes? In fact, the vast majority of operating funds come from day-use and campground fees, rentals, partnerships, and the support of our generous donors.

Our donors give for many reasons. Ontario’s provincial parks are places of cherished memories, family traditions, connections to nature and cultural monuments.

That’s why we reached out to some recent donors to learn their reasons for supporting Ontario Parks. This is what they told us:

My best memories with friends and family were at Ontario Parks.

You know that special park like it’s your own backyard. There’s that place by the river where you learned to fish with Dad, or the beach where Mom took you to build sandcastles.

For many Ontarians, provincial parks hold cherished memories with friends and family.

Couple and child walking in autumn on Sandbanks

“I’m donating because the park always meant something to us,” says Nicki Burrett, who went to Forks of the Credit with her husband Ron when they met and for years afterward. When he died, she spread her ashes in the park.

“It’s part of Ontario and a big part of our lives,” he says.

Nicki has decided to contribute to her favorite park through her property.

It’s where I had some of my greatest adventures.

His heart was pounding before he even left the house this morning: a mix of excitement, anticipation, and adrenaline. After months of plotting his route and gathering his equipment, he is finally ready for his journey.

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Is this a familiar feeling?

two canoes on the lake

For some, the thrill of adventure comes from a long walk through the countryside, isolated in the wilderness with just a few supplies and a canoe. For others, it’s a winter snowshoe trip, battling the cold.

Or maybe it’s a car camping trip, the first time someone has slept outside in a tent.

View from the top of the Crack in KillarneyA view from the top of The Crack in Killarney Provincial Park

“In 1979 I made my first multi-day walk in [Killarney]. It left a great impression on me. Canoeing is incredible, but walking on those peaks is absolutely unique,” ​​says Mike Badyk, who donated to the rehabilitation of The Crack in Killarney.

“I’ve hiked in Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Colorado, Utah and other places and there’s something about those ridges that continues to draw me and my family there.”

I just love nature

Some of us simply enjoy spending time in nature and want to support what we love.

It’s easy to understand why: there is almost no sound more perfect than the calm lap of waves on the beach before dawn, and no sight more breathtaking than a deep orange sunset on the horizon.

Plover on Prequ'ile BeachA male piping plover, an at-risk species in the Great Lakes region

Ontario Parks does important work to protect these scenes as they are: in their natural state. Our parks are home to rare or threatened wildlife, large and small.

Your donation can help protect unique ecosystems, biodiversity and important elements of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage.

Killarney telescope pointing at a starry sky

“Far from the city lights, in the heart of the forests, the stars call to you, beckoning you with their diamond splendor, challenging you to admire and understand them,” writes an anonymous donor to Killarney’s Dark Sky Preserve.

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Your donation provided a telescope for Ontario Parks’ first Dark Sky Reserve so that many more people can fall in love with the night sky.

What your donation supports

When you donate, you can decide whether you want to donate to Ontario parks in general or to a specific initiative.

Grundy Lake

Some examples of projects you can invest in include:

  • Ontario Parks Discovery Program, educating thousands of people each year in more than 75 parks and a growing school program.
  • restoring, developing and maintaining the trails and recreational spaces you have long enjoyed
  • protect and manage the unique ecosystems, biodiversity and natural and cultural heritage of our parks
  • a specific park that holds a special place in your heart

Or maybe there is something else you would like to support?

Contact us. We’d love to chat about what you’re passionate about in our parks and see if we can find the perfect project for you.

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how to donate

If you are interested in contributing, please call us at 705-313-2462 or email us at [email protected].

Thanks for your generosity. Your donation will make a difference.