Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Ashley holds up a smallmouth bass

Today’s post comes from multi-species angler and writer Ashley Rae of

Fall is the absolute favorite season for many anglers.

It is not surprising! Although I love summer, I quickly forget that I miss the heat when the fall bass action hits.

There are many reasons why now is a good time to get out on the water and chase largemouth and smallmouth bass. Below I’ve included just a few reasons why you need to get into fall bass fishing, like now!

Autumn fish are fatter.

I go down close

Cold water slows down the bass’s metabolism. In preparation for winter, bass will feed and bulk up.

Bass feed opportunistically throughout the year, and some days will always be more productive than others for catching them.

Cool fall temperatures put bass in compulsive mode to gain weight to survive the upcoming winter months. This doesn’t mean they will necessarily jump on board, but if you can find an effective skipper, you can certainly take advantage of this behavior.

This seasonal feeding frenzy isn’t just limited to bass, either. Fall is a great time to fish for a variety of species.

Less boat traffic, more serenity

Ashley holds a bass

You won’t see many people water skiing or tubing this time of year! With the water temperature dropping, I can’t blame them. Brrr!

Many ships have already been winterized, resulting in a noticeable decrease in traffic on the water. It’s so nice to have the entire lake or river to yourself.

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Not to mention, the parks provide a spectacular backdrop for your adventure and your photos will be more beautiful than ever.

Where there is a bass, there is usually more

The man holds a big bass

Bass can often be found in groups throughout the year. However, during the fall, they constantly accumulate.

This is especially true after lake turnover. This is when the water temperature becomes uniform from top to bottom.

Both largemouth and smallmouth take refuge in areas that provide them with what they need and don’t stray too far from the essentials. As the season progresses, bass will conserve their energy, so it’s helpful to have everything they need nearby.

Bass becomes more predictable

Ashley holds a bass

In the fall, bass are found in spots that provide easy access to structure and deep and shallow water. An example would be a deep weed line or a structure with adjacent shallow water nearby.

They will move along points from deep to shallow and if you find these areas you will be able to intercept them. Once you have discovered the types of areas where bass are found, you will be able to duplicate your success in similar locations.

It’s a fun puzzle and once you put a few pieces into place, you’ll be on your way to a great day on the water.

Looking for a starting point for a fall bass fishing adventure? Start by visiting the Park Locator to see which parks operate during the fall season.