Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Winter Equipment Rentals in Ontario Parks

What is winter without snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and skating?

All of these essential experiences have one thing in common: you need the right gear to participate!

Here’s where you’ll be able to rent or borrow winter gear in 2023:

Snow rackets

Couple snowshoeing in a snow storm

Nature looks completely different under a bright blanket of snow. Strapping on a pair of snowshoes to hike a trail will allow you to experience our provincial parks in a whole new way.

Eight parks rent snowshoes to visitors who do not have their own:

Be sure to check out why each of these is a great place to visit in the first place!

Cross country ski

Cross-country skiing is a great way for families to get outdoors and enjoy the winter together. Plus, skiing comes with many proven health benefits.

Here you can rent a pair of skis and slide through frozen forests:

roller skates

Skating through the woods under the stars in Arrowhead has become a bucket list item for Ontarians. The park offers skate rentals at the new Visitor Center for guests who need them.

Arrowhead can get quite busy on weekends. Check out our guide on how to have a stress-free experience there.

ice fishing

Man ice fishes on windy lake

Windy Lake offers a fantastic opportunity for those looking to try ice fishing.

A complete ice fishing package is available at the park office, including shelters and portable equipment. The staff will even haul everything out onto the ice and help set it up (in the best fishing spots, of course).

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disc golf

Bronte Creek Provincial Park’s disc golf course is open year-round. The Bronte Creek Disc Golf Club offers a disc lending library at the beginning of the course for guests who do not have their own discs. A snowy landscape offers a whole new set of obstacles to play with.

Park staff throw a disc into a basket in the snow.

Which park is a must-see in winter for you?